Healthy dinner Anwesha maketh!

hehe! Okay am getting crazy with my blog titles. Like I said, I suck at intelligent blog titles so will just make up whatever or something like that.

So yesterday evening I made Lemon Thyme Chicken for dinner.  And man was it easy, healthy and delightfully tasty or what !!

I did not come up with it myself and I am sorry I cannot seem to find the website now anymore. But all credit to the original person for such a easy week-night concoction.

I used three chicken breasts. Coated them with sea-salt and pepper. Pre-heated the oven to 400F , sprayed some cooking-spray on a glass-dish and put the chicken breasts in that.

Meanwhile, heated some olive oil in a pan and when warm added 3-4 cloves of garlic finely chopped. (I used fresh). Stirred continuously to prevent it from burning. Next added a little over half a cup of chicken broth, some lime zest and lime juice,oregano and thyme and stirred it all together. I did not measure anything after this .I did substitute lime for lemon and did not use fresh thyme. Made no difference whatsoever.

Then poured this mixture on top of the chicken breasts and put it in the oven for 35 minutes or till done.

And we had this with Angel hair pasta (thanks Pastaroni!) and it was delicious. I am so glad I did not add cheese or grease to our dish and my husband loved it. He loovved it! I later on used the mixture as soup and it was very tasty. Here’s to a easy weeknight dinner recipe !

Forgot, I did garnish it with some tomatoes and lime wedges. This is how it looked before it went in the oven.
Lemon Thyme Chicken ready to be eaten



3 thoughts on “Healthy dinner Anwesha maketh!

  1. thanks Andrea:) but seriously apart from the color, what is the difference in taste between lime and lemons? i consider the same.I asked John the same thing and he insisted they were different but was not sure how

    1. I don’t know how to describe the difference, but to me, there is a definite one. I feel like the lime is fruitier where a lemon is just straight up citrus tang. I know that may not make sense.

      Thing about it this way…what if a margarita was made with lemon vs the regular, with a lime. That may be a difference you could imagine.

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