weekend of deep content

Ugh! Cannot seem to write. I keep typing and undoing it. Ugh! Gaah!

All I wanted to say was I love this weekend.

Finished my seven month stint at last job. Am going to start a new one on Monday, about which am much excited!

Aced my first psychology test after much diligent studying and note-taking.

Had a great night with my Indian girl-friends. Lots of Indian food, wine and pictionary fun. I am going to make it a point to attend more of these meetups.

We went on our first serious car-shopping adventure today and I test drove a SUV! A SUV! This might not seem significant to you but for me it is. Well, just like anything first time. I do not feel that intimidated anymore. Kind of want a SUV actually!

It has been a rainy day all day today. But it is perfect bonding time for me and the husband and us and the pets. I love staying in at home, watching tv, having a beer or two and watching shows on TV.

And tomorrow is a big super-bowl party! Eee! I am actually very excited. I am going to keep all the forms and IDs I need for my first day of orientation  tomorrow morning lest I forget later. Cause am planning on having fun at the party! Wings, home-brewed beer and the company of dear friends.

Life in my city is good 🙂



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