I don’t know what happened with my last post. I started out writing something substantial but then I totally felt disgusted and lost interest and just abandoned writing.

I am on some serious Nyquil shit. Today will be a week of this terrible cold but apart from a runny nose, plenty of snot and sore body everything else seems okay. Plus, last week I took the flu shot and I have heard sometimes people feel worse after the shot ,so that could be a theory as well.

Anyhoo, last week was my week of orientation at the new job. I am still gushing about my new job and employer and I must say am very excited! The orientation was on-time and it did exactly what an orientation should do – give you a great feeling about your employer and welcome the new employees.  We were a class of about 20 new employees and it was  a mix of Nurse Aides I and IIs, RNs, Radiology and Ultrasound Techs and Clinical Secretaries. We had a neat welcome pack and many paper handouts. There were speakers from management and several other teams talking about the goals and policies of the hospital.  It was all good.

I had to complete some learning modules as a new hire and while I was doing those I was thinking ‘Wow! I really am enjoying learning about these new things!” unlike my short-lived tryst with software and programming. Ugh! I hated those and while it might be still too early to make a conclusive statement , I think my excitement is good at this stage.

I shall be working on the CardioVascular unit. I was always very tempted to work for a hospital and not a nursing/long term care home. Call it baseless and a general opinion amongst CNAs but I had the same notion as well.  If you love the elderly and you have no problems working, then one should work anywhere they find a job and in a LTC because that is where the elderly population are normally. Working in a hospital will give you a broader range of experience if not in depth. You have a variety of age-groups and issues ,so not just Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s and other age-related ailments.

This week I will begin training under a preceptor and start most of my actual job. I am excited and secretly relieved that I will have be under a set of watchful eyes because am not at all prepared to be on my own right now. I am also a little nervous because it is a job dealing with people and occasional gross things. And that is a little scary at times.

I do have a good manager and a good team. Having a good manager is such an important deal. And personally, I like the fact that my manager is a he.  I have a much better chemistry with males in general than females. Sorry but I cannot handle drama and I have no tact when it comes to making small-talk. Don’t get me wrong, I love the very few girl-friends I have and I enjoy our small-talk but I seem to have a general problem with women. And I have made my peace with it.

My classes are going on fine as well. I want to take a difficult class in summer but then again I do not want to cram a 16 week class into a 5 week summer one and end up being miserable all summer long. I have been throwing little hints at my parents to try to come here again this summer. They have not said yes but they have also not said a dismissive no to my proposal. So , let’s see !


Apart from a new career and school, I have really nothing much to talk about. I am feeling a little aloof again from everyone.  Yes, everyone. I don’t know if it is me, my high expectations or the people around me constantly failing me but something is not right in my personal world. It might just be me. I am pretty easy-going but I can be ‘needy’ of love and attention, you know women are apparently so needy <sarcastic voice>.



2 thoughts on “flu-like

  1. I’m excited about your new career too Anwesha! Let’s not worry about how long the excitement lasts for now. It’s all brand new; you are learning and enjoying and that’s what counts right? Plus I love the idea of working with a lot of different people too. Gives you something new to deal with everyday

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