the new cook in town!

I have found another therapy for days when I am still feeling shabby.


so, I cooked a lot today. Wanted to cook so that I did not have to worry and contemplate and face the ugliness.

I made chana masala, peas pulao for lunch. Made extra so that I could take some to work tomorrow. And for dinner I made coconut chicken curry and we had some store bought parathas with it. I think everything turned out good and I am increasingly accepting myself as a good cook. It is weird for me to acknowledge something I just assumed I would never be. Don’t know why exactly. Also, I have become an expert at making butter-chicken. I am sorry, now I feel like I have nothing much to brag about so I want to talk about my new found brilliance.

But here are some snapshots of my day today.

Punjabi chana masala
simple coconut chicken curry
I don't know how he makes me so happy 🙂


Apart from the massive cooking, I did a little bit of home-work, played with my cat, had a warm shower to try to unclog my mind , but instead noticed I was just actively worrying about things and still am and finally went out for a girl-date with my friend.

Back to the hospital tomorrow.


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