the early hours of the night

It is 1:30 in the night and am at sitting at my portable workstation at the very end of a faintly lighted hallway. Our patients are sleeping, some not so much. But it is so much quieter and less stressful than the daytime that it makes me want to always work nights. But all said and done, I also very strongly wish I were at home right now sleeping in my bed, with John next to me and Vincent and Otto in the room. I am working on a dangerously low amount of sleep ,so seeing my patients curled up into a ball to prevent from freezing over makes me want to curl up on the side of their bed as well. But that would not be such a good idea.

Oh and I finally am on my own today! No more a trainee. So far so good. Let’ see. I do like being on my own though.

Tomorrow morning the sleep will be worth staying up all night for. I cannot wait to make that 20 min drive back  home, take the dog out, change into my pjs and just crawl into our soft,velvetty comforter. All while you guys wake up and head out for a day of work.

That will show them ! <sheepish face>

my little vinny