Fun day Monday!

What a Monday!

I discovered ,finally, a place that sells fresh halal meat. I do not want to sound graphic and all but getting meat fresh and all the pieces you want is how we used to do it back at home and it just tastes so much better. So ,I even got a packet of frozen small chingdi(prawn) and found out that I could call this place and order what I want over the phone. I am just beyond pleased with myself today.

Also, I finally,finally found gode masala – a Maharashtrian spice that they use in a lot of their dishes and am such a big fan of Maharashtrian cuisine. Ekdum like home again!

So I made Manglorean style chicken curry with coconut and all. Except the recipe called to use coconut milk and I used flakes. I would recommend using milk just cause flakes will just never entirely dissolve into the curry and John mistook them to be rice. Speaking of John, I was apprehensive about him enjoying dinner cause he is not the biggest fan of coconut and I even made a Maharashtrian Brinjal(egg-plant) curry. I do not think he likes eggplant either. But we have decided to eat more vegetables to even out the meat intake and he has decided to try Indian things. I was mighty pleased that he liked the chicken a lot,brinjal-not so much. He took several helpings and did not even seem to notice the slightly over-powering coconutty taste.

tiny brinjals, soaking in salty water
stuffed baingan

Win win!

Oh and I did get my Birchbox today! So beautiful, well-packaged and precious. You know I like little things-small bottles of lotions and perfume samples. This is what I got and some more tiny things in that decadently wrapped green packet. I feel happy I got a lip balm cause I seem to have lost my balm yet again and this could not have come at a better time. And look at that face wash sample? First of all, that is not a sample size! Whee.

it is here!
Oh Joy!

And Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck is a nice smelling perfume. For some reason I had dismissed it. But no,it is a sweet,spicy fragrance.

(If all this impresses you, then you should probably sign up too and hey be a sport and use my invite so that YOU and me both get points !!)

On the not so awesome side, I have a big final this week and basically need to read the whole book.

So here I go, studying for this exam while occasionally adoring my first box!



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