Tuesday Talks

You know I hate ,hate frizz and the way my hair looked after a shower and blow-dry. It reminds me of a very unkempt grizzly bear.

Well, that might change soon. Might, I said.

I went to Lush yesterday and told what I hated about my hair to the sales girl and she recommended these.

The shampoo contains Irish Stout, cogniac and lemon. It smells like how a room that has been just cleaned and sanitized would smell, and in a good way. I like the smell of a just cleaned room. At $9.95 for the small bottle I think it is pricey. But hey in the past I have bought some cheap drugstore shampoos and they have not at all worked for my hair. I think hair and skin should be pampered. Even if it means investing a little extra. She said the Cynthia shampoo and the American Cream conditioner work well together. I was so excited about trying these out that I actually wanted to shower at 6:30 in the morning, which I normally do not. So,yes, that excited!

My first impression is – considerably less frizz and grizzy-bear effect already after the first wash. I LOVE that! But I want to give it some more time and some more washes. I am glad I bought the small bottles of each. Fingers crossed!

I also decided to try out one of their very famous soap bars. I got ‘Rock star’. Smells good but I got a really tiny size. I also went wandering around the mall. I did this after a really long time,just for the heck of it. Also, cause my spring semester ended last weekend and ,and I got a A in PSY. ! I am proud of myself. You know why? Cause I have waited very long to get a well-deserved A and put those bad Master’s memories behind me.

Summer school starts on the 16th. And you know what else is happening that day? My parents are arriving from India 🙂

Yep! Very excited. I also cannot wait for them to meet Vincent. My dad is going to love him so much! I remember when I was a child dad would always be very interested and curios about the stray neighborhood cat who made his way into our house to eat our food. Haha! Its just funny ,you had to be there!

My 4 off days are coming to an end and I will go back to work tomorrow night. But eeh! it is okay. I am actually okay 🙂


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