the 29th birthday!

Okay, let’s see how I can squeeze so many things into a small little post. I want to post but I also feel extremely unmotivated. But I will give it a try!

My parents are here with us now and except for the fact that my mom was feeling a little down after the stressful travelling, everything feels great!

This time I had planned everything well ,so coming home and cooking a good Indian dinner for them was easy and quick. And the best part was hearing my mom say I had done a great job with dinner.:)

My dad enjoys watching stupid movies on this god awful LMN network, which thankfully got taken off our cable package. I thought at this rate all he would think of is silly husband-wife-cheating spouse-lies-cheesy love only as movie plots!

We are going to the mountains the day after and am mighty excited about it. Have not had a legit vacation in forever and I am really looking forward to it!!

My summer class has started too. This time I am just taking one class , Nutrition and it is interesting but it will be a lot of work. It is a hybrid class so the labs are in an actual clas-room and lectures are online.

Work has been going good. Just my 2 nights a week for now. The good thing I suddenly noticed a few nights back was I am no longer scared of incidents like cleaning up after an incontinent patient, changing adult diapers and soaked sheets by myself and just coming in to work. I feel good about coming to this stage because you know now the number of things that scare one decrease considerably. Also, I do not know when this happened but I do not consider a 12hr shift too bad either!

I did some major damage at Target today. I had some birthday money and I needed some clothes( like always!). I got a maxi dress, my first and am very psyched about wearing it! I also got myself a new pair of shoes from payless shoes but I am reconsidering it now.

Speaking of birthdays, I turn 29 today! 2 9. Seriously! Well I cannot seem to wrap my head around this number cause I do not particularly feel old but it still is a little unsettling. The last year of my 20s and I sometimes do not know how I got here. Everything seems like a distant, crazy dream you know!

Anyway, let’s just leave it at that. Or may be with a birthday wish 🙂

Oh and have I told you that I am a big snob when it comes to buying clothes and accessories. I shop only at places I consider are a certain way and I normally do not like being gifted clothes because I trust my choice of clothes on me more than someone elses’. But let’s also just leave it at that!

Everything else seems okay. Cannot complain. We are blessed for a lot of things and I never want to forget that.

Although I do still feel some resentment towards some people , I cannot seem to justify feeling this way. Some things should just always stay in my head and never see the light of day.

May be someday we can have a talk when I am either drunk or when I stop caring enough to cater to others’ feelings all the time!!


2 thoughts on “the 29th birthday!

    1. thanks Arpita 🙂 ,sorry for the late reply. Hope you are doing great !! When are you due? (I am asking you this here for lack of a better medium ! hehe )

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