more from the fashionista!

Did you guys know I am a huge fashion snob?

I am extremely, extremely picky about clothes, shoes, brand-names and such. I understand that I have no money to be this picky but sue me, I am!

Actually ,do not sue me!

I have now made a definite list of places I love shopping at.





pacsun (this is a very recent discovery but I like their clothes,esp the ones for summer now)

Plato’s closet (that’s right! I am also thrifty and if I find something unique for dirt cheap, hell yes I will buy it!)

modcloth ( I have never bought anything yet but their clothes and shoes have such a vintage-y and character to them, one of these days will have to!)

So I picked up this new pair of blue suede high-heeled shoes from Loft recently. I think they look so awesome! I normally do not wear heels and these heels are a little out of my league. But I want to make my very small shoe collection look alive! So I am trying to suck it up and buy some stuff which  I have never bought before. But I am also a huge advocate for comfort. I will not buy heels just cause they look good but are very obviously a pain for my poor feet. So I tried them on and walked about thinking if I am going out I could surely wear them for an hour or two. See?

there is a little zipper detailing at the back

And the good thing was they were on sale, final sale if you Loft shoppers know. Which also means I cannot return them and hopefully I do not have to. I do not think I will be wearing suede till August but come Fall I will be strutting my stuff all over!

I picked up this gorgeous nail color from CVS – Loreal’s after hours. Look at how gorgeous this color is. It is a dark ink blue and it shows its true colors in the sun. At home it almost looks black under our lights.

after hours!

And one of new little favorites – this birthday gift from Sephora! A mini sugar lips duo in lemon and rose. Aah! they smell and feel wonderful. I love them. I do!

mini loves

I am enjoying my closet transformation from very boring and lack lustre to a little more interesting! I still do not spend a lot and I have a lot more important things on my hand but sometimes things are just too good for me to pass up.

I am going to have to thank Loft and the Loft girls for making this simple frumpy bumpkin blossom into a girl.


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