happy second!

I do not want to be sad. I want to avoid confronting sad thoughts. There is only a little bit of my parent’s vacation left and soon they will be back in their home, their turf and our communication will be reduced to mails, phone calls and probably now skype, thanks to my new phone.

I know I will be a complete train-wreck in a few days and you guys will probably have to witness some very sad and philosophical stuff. But right now, this very moment, am having a late night beer, going over the slides for my next test, browsing through the gazillion shopping sites and also looking at youtube videos and getting excited about Fall.

I can be happy ,right? About a simple thing like, the weather changing?

I guess we all will have to go back to living the lives we are meant to live. One can’t be too sad for prolonged periods of time. Just causes the entropy of our lives to run amuck.

Today, me and my husband will be completing two years of our marriage- the Indian ceremony one. Vincent will be completing a year in our house. Which also means I have not been home in 2 years now. But which also means, soon I will. With or without my husband.

Even though, me and my husband kind of had a crabby day, just could not help getting irritated and mad at him, when I take stock of our lives, I do have to agree, when I laugh with him, I am at my happiest best. That should say a good bit about us. He is a good kid and may God bless him and us.


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