Summer Loves -part one

I have had a good summer so far. But being not that big a fan of summer, I would like it to end its tyranny soon. I want cooler temperatures, a nice breeze, trees changing colors and a little chill. Fall, anyone?

Anyway, am taking my friend’s advice and posting a light breezy current favorites kinda post. Thanks ‘friend’ 😉

Here is what I have been enjoying using a lot lately. Not all are necessarily new ,some are also just discovered or re-discovered.

summer favorites

First off, let’s talk about the Maybelline Dreamfresh BB cream. Unless one has been living under a rock, no one has escaped the sudden appearance of BB creams by various drugstore  brands in the recent months. The original BB- Beauty Balm-creams are majorly Asian brands and if legend has to be believed, the superior ones. The American ones are a fancy name for tinted moisturisers with some extras thrown in. Do they all stand up to what they claim? I frankly don’t know cause I have not tried an original BB cream and I have tried only one of the new American ones, so am probably not the best judge. But despite not being very knowledgeable about this, I still decided to buy the Maybelline Dream Fresh as opposed to the Loreal and Garnier ones. A) Okay, so I found the Maybelline packaging a little more attractive b) I snagged it for a good deal with my cvs extra bucks and c) They had little testers at my local drugstores so I could find the shade that matched me the closest and the chances of a wrong shade selection were less.

As per application, it definitely appears to be a tinted moisturizer with a semi-thick consistency. It definitely evens out my skin’s splotchiness and discoloration and just makes it look better. I do use my bare minerals mineral veil on top of it as a setting powder. I would especially recommend doing that for people with oily skin cause after a while they do tend to make the face shiny. I have been wearing it for about 2 weeks now when I go out instead of a regular foundation, which I really do not use a whole lot frequently either. And I think it does a good job of coverage for a few hours. But I wore it to my 12 hr shift at work yesterday and I definitely noticed it had started sheering out a lot towards the end of the shift. I will not judge it solely by that because common how long can a tinted moisturizer masquerading as a BB cream last? 5-7 hrs seem fine. But of course that is just me.

Overall am happy but I may not re-buy. I might want to try the Loreal one. Of course a Missha BB cream would be the best thing to try.

Moving on to my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip STain in ‘Smitten’. This product is a total winner. I wish I could try out a whole bunch of colors but at almost $9 it is a little pricey. It has amazing staying power. Simply amazing. It smells a little minty and feels very smooth on the lips. A new product totally worth checking out. I have been having a new obsession or darker bolder colors and hence I chose the one in ‘smitten’. Totally love it.

The nude on nude nyx palette is another favorite I won this one in a contest which makes everything even better 🙂 When it comes to eye colors I like staying in the neutrals. It is my comfort zone. I love the colors and the pigmentation and I have been using it every day since I got it about a month back.

The other is a concealer I have been using since about 2-3 months now-the Revlon Colorstay concealer. When I bought this I had not heard much about it from any youtubers or beauty bloggers and I normally do some research before buying products. But I went with the Colorstay tag-line. I have been mighty pleased with this and it has been one of best purchases concealer -wise so far. Again, I might not go back to it just cause I want to sample some new products but definitely well worth it.

The rest are products that were old in my stash but have been used extensively this summer. My Benefit’s ‘Coralista’ blush- the absolute perfect peachy-coral blush and have I mentioned it smells wonderful?

And my tiny wet n wild gel eye-liner in black. I recently even got the Sonia Kashuk bent eye-liner brush (not pictured) to use it and I just love using it even more.

I have a few more new and re-discovered favorites but we will keep it for another blog and another day.

Oh and a tiny Sinful Colors haul from Walgreens during their 0.99 cents sale week.!!

Sinful Colors

9 thoughts on “Summer Loves -part one

  1. Nice post for a middle of the week. 🙂

    I’m interested in finding out how you like the BB cream and the concealer after using it for a while.

    1. Shalaka like I was saying you should definitely try out one of the new bb creams or the lip stains. I would love to hear your opinion on it.!!

  2. I’m so proud of my Wesha! Look at all your products and knowledge of them! And to think, I taught you ALL! Just kidding. Ego check. Seriously though, great review! I am also seriously over the whole BB Cream thing as you’ll see in my review.

    Revlon Just Bitten is awesomesauce. Revlon has really, really come around in my opinion. 5 years ago I would have told you all of their products were mostly rubbish except for eyeliners but they’ve really come around in my opinion.

    I love the polishes. The middle one, the plummy-dark color? What is it named? I am curious about that one.

    1. Thanks Andrea!! And I have always thought of you as my first portal to this whole new world. .if you had not passed on little things to me,my interest would never have been piqued!
      I did want to mention, which I honestly forgot,that you made me aware of the just bitten lip stains. Revlon is certainly ruling the drugstore scene now. I am going to try their whipped cream foundation next.
      That color is ‘winterberry’! I am waiting to try it on eagerly!.we will have some good things for this Christmas swap 😉

  3. Oooh, I got one of those Revlon lip-stains, too. And the L’Oreal balm thingie. And another Revlon pigmented colors. SO much better than regular lipsticks.

    1. What colors are you trying in the lip-stains? And have you tried their lip-butters? Let me know what you think of the bb cream too!!

  4. I have CRUSH in the lipstain. The l’oreal balms, I bought two of them. Mauve and a nude. I prefer them over the Revlon lip butters just because those are far more pigmented. I prefer a sheer look. I have a bright raspberry one Revlon lip butter.

    1. Oh you meant the lipstick when you said loreal balm. Silly me! I was just hung up on the bb cream thing. I have not tried those but I would like to try one for sure. May be we should do a make-up swap? 😉 hehe! And I heard the covergirl ‘bb’ cream is really the cg smoothers in a new packaging. But then again I have never used that either so I really cannot comment.

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