Some new ideas !

So I have been toying with the idea of doing something different blogging wise. Something that pushes me outside my comfort zone blogging of incoherent and random things. Well I do want to still keep doing that because that is just me. But I have decided to blog more outfit of the day, face of the day blogs, more product reviews and make this blog more and more all things me. It is my blog after all !

I am not a pro in make-up and nor do I have impeccable fashion sense or style but I believe we all have to believe in somethings and since I have nothing else stellar to my claim, I have decided to just go ahead with these plans as of now.

Today has been a lazy Sunday at home. I did have a bad headache last night which prevented me from sleeping well and yeah a little hangover too. But nevermind, we just basically stayed at home, had a good chicken curry and rice dinner and lounged on the couch watching ‘Frasier’. Yeah, that is ‘our’ show these days. We go through phases with shows and we watch it till it just stops doing something to us. Then we pick another show and the cycle continues. But picking that magical show is the hard part. Some of you will understand what I am talking about! One can’t just watch anything and everything.

Anyway, the whole point of this blog post was to tell you all I have been following so many fashion blogs, youtube fashion videos and recently even found some fellow Indian girls doing their very own fashion blogs and this just inspired me, if they can do it, so can I. Not that there is no reason why another Indian irl cannot be doing these,its just my way of convincing myself that this can be anybody’s forte. Not just the fashionable American girl’s!

Today is just a make-up look I tried. I was getting bored and decided to  play with my make-up and this is what I have. Definitely some more fine-tuning can be done with my make-up application. I normally do not wear this kind of ‘heavy’ make-up (yeah this is too much for me!). But it was fun! It is always fun!

Still have to master the vanity pose shot!
close-up of the eye


The products used- wet n wild’s eyeshadow trio in ‘Cool as Cucumber’, Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream in Medium, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Party Pink, Elf’s contouring bronzer, Milani’s ‘Mai Tai’ blush and Physician Formula’s Organic War Mascara. Not pictured are the Bare Mineral’s ‘Mineral Veil’ used as a setting powder, Revlon’s Colorstay Concealer and CoverGirl’s black eyeliner



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