August 2012 Birchbox!!

My Birchbox arrived in the mail today ! I love tracking it down and peeking outside my window to see if the mailman has passed by . I could very well just perch myself on the mailbox and take the box from him. If I were not self-aware that is. Waiting for the Birchbox is like a little Christmas every month. I have had a few meh products too but I am pretty happy over-all.

So, this month’s theme is beauty school being that it is August and all.

Here is what the box looks like:

August 2012 Beauty School Birchbox
The inside of the box with a cute little Beauty book

And here is what all I got:

The products

I guess the DDF skin brightener cleanser is the almost full-size product for this box. I really like exploring new skin-care products these days so am cool with that.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume sample, two Caldrea hand soap samples and Perfekt Lash Perfection gel

I did try that mascara thing too. My first impression of the packaging is not very good. Too much product goop on the wand. Not sure if the full-size  is also packaged that way.

Oh I do like the Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume sample! And it is a spray mini. I do not like perfume samples where you have to take the lid off and then dab the perfume on. I just don’t.

And I actually do use the Schick razor and I have liked it , so not really disappointed that I got a known and tested product but atleast I know now it must be really good. Birchbox good! 🙂

More reviews will follow as and when I test the products a little more.


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