Quick Update

I have so much to write about. Feels like we did a lot in a short span of time. We visited with family over the weekend in St.Louis, had a great great time, had good food, almost are half-convinced that we need to stay closer to family and had a fun flying time with each other and came home pretty much EXHAUSTED. I also started my Anatomy and Physiology I class yesterday and I have to write separately about it because I might be one class old but I am in love with my instructor already. This will be a great semester learning wise.

Anyway, the quick post was to show the new dress I wore . The dress is an Exhilaration dress from Target. I love this dress. Makes me feel like a school-girl. I don’t think I love it because of that though. It has cute little heart prints on it and has a built in slip and part of it is sheer and I have always had a thing for sheer styles. I had so much fun also playing with my sister-in-law’s make-up and we even put hot rollers in my hair. It was good fun!


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