here I go again..

So am on a blogging mood today, as you can see!

I feel like if I were to explain myself to myself it would still baffle me. Like it would very easy and very strange and tough at the same time. And I will tell you in a moment why.

So not many posts ago, I went on and on about how I loved Birchbox and how I compared it to a little Christmas every month.

And this morning, I just went online to my account and canceled it!!



Too many exclamations.

So the easy part of the ‘understanding myself’ bit is I meant every word of what I wrote then. I enjoyed getting a little novelty box full of feel-good deluxe samples every month and talking about it with my friend ,sharing pictures and all that. No two ways about analyzing that emotion.

But there was this new debate I had been silently having in my mind, probably at the same time as my ecstatic emotion, about how in all honesty, I had not gotten much practical use out of it. I mean yes, I did get some almost full-size products that already were more than the entire box itself but really a) no product worked out for me like a charm and b) what am I going to do with a hand full of samples?

I would much rather save $10 a month and instead save up and buy clothes. Clothes are my weakness. And these days I have also started to want new shoes, and bags.

So there! I feel stronger for resisting a huge temptation. And I do not even feel bad.

It was great while it lasted 🙂

Here is a fun photo-grid I was experimenting with.



2 thoughts on “here I go again..

  1. Proud of you for your complex decision making on Birchbox. Now that I’ve talked to you and see what they offer every month I conclude with you that it’s a fun opportunity to receive fun samples and check new things out but for how long? So yeah, do not want.

    Hey! That’s my yard, my pavement and my glitter polish!!

    1. Are you still thinking of glossy box? I guess all of them were the same and fun for a while.
      Now now Andrea, we know it is your yard but it is my dress I need to show off 😉

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