On a beautiful cold day

Yesterday was a cold and damp day here in my city. I loved it. It was a reminder of what is in store and also a good break from the heat.

I got a chance to wear my new salmon-orange-ish chambray shirt from Old Navy.

I got this about a month back and I wanted to get the classic blue chambray shirt but they did not have it and this color looked good on me so I decided why not.

I got this in a size S. I normally wear XS but I do not like tight and body-hugging clothes. I liked how the small size actually hung a little loose but was not baggy enough. A shirt like this with the sleeves rolled up quarter way up reminds me of a man’s shirt and that is also why it made me feel comfortable, chic and relaxed. You can dress it up with bracelets, a nice watch and nice pumps or keep it casual with skinny jeans and flats too. I wore my loft snake-skin black flats and my Levi skinny jeans.(Actually , they are not skinny skinny but they are between a straight cut and skinny !).

I hope everyone had a good weekend!!






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