and another month begins..

I had once again been having a series of bad, frizzy and awful hair days. I ran out of the tiny and pricey bottle of my Lush ‘Cynthia Irish Stout’ shampoo. That shampoo really worked wonders on my hair but it is a little pricey and I have not been able to go back to the mall ,so I decided to try a new shampoo. Currently, I am using the new Clear everyday balancing shampoo. It retails at drugstores for around $5.99. I saw it being mentioned in a couple of monthly favorite videos on youtube too so I figured, “eh, might as well!!”

Not sure what to think of it yet. I am still using my Lush’s American Cream conditioner. And I would normally run a little bit of the Garnier blow-dry perfector balm through the ends of my hair and then wrap it in a towel to let it all settle in. I thought the garnier thing worked well but apparently I was wrong. I have changed my mind about it now.

So I decided to try a new product. It is sulfate free and is a leave-in creme. It is a little runny in consistency and I use one good pump. It does smell nice.Not too strong.

L’oreal EverSleek Humidity Defying Leave-in creme,

It has just been two showers and today especially my hair feels very soft and manageable. It does not look like someone ran an electrically charged comb over my hair. They all look content.

I am going to use it over the new month and then finally decide if it is a good product. And I think the website lists it at $8.99 but I got it from Target for $4.99 during its sale week.

Hope everyone had a good Labor day weekend. I know I had a good one and now it is back to the grind again !

And here are some pictures of my kitty cat

Keeping me company while I study

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