Football Sunday you say?!?

It is a good good Sunday! Woke up to a good hearty breakfast made by the husband – scrambled eggs and tiny sausage links and of course hot coffee. I put my eggs and sausage bits on a burrito with some salsa and it was good!

Today it is a good pleasant day outside. Sunny but not hot. I normally do not like sunny days,more of a grey cloudy person but I guess I do not mind sunny days when it is not hot and when there is a good breeze. mmm.. I smell good things, crisp apples, autumn leaves and hay.

I have been happy lately. Among other things, I am happy with my work schedule now. I love working in the morning and getting off at a good time. I come home by 3:30pm and it is good because I can still do some house work or study or even nap before the day is over. Although I try not to nap. I do not work 12 hr shifts anymore but since I have to work 24 hrs in a week atleast, I have to go in one extra day. Which is fine, except gas is a little expensive. And then there are bills, vet expenses and all that. And those things will always ,always be there no matter what. I cannot always hold myself back. So I decided to not only take Vincent for his second rabies vaccine which is a part of his wellness plan, but I also got him some flea medicine and got his claws trimmed. The poor guy was a little terrified of the car ride but was such a trooper all in all.  Vincent did have some side-effects and threw up a bit. And Otto had an upset tummy too and did the same. Both of them are doing much better today and just napping near us.

The husband is all wrapped up with football and making me watch all sorts of replays which are making absolutely no sense to me. But he is pretty excited.

Oh and just as I thought Otto was doing better he just threw up a big lump of grass. Yep!

Anyway, let’s just talk about non-gross things and nice smelling things, I went to bath and body works today. Their small candles are 2 for $10 and I got ‘Leaves’ ( one of my Fall favorites) and ‘Autumn Day’. Their shower gels are also $5 ,so I got ‘Brown Sugar and Fig’. Not sure how long this lasts,may be just till end of day today. Am pretty happy with the haul 🙂 They are still giving away the mini of their newly launched ‘Cashmere Glow’ this weekend. If you on the west coast and can make it, you should!. Why not right.

I made some half-assed hummus today. I am surprised it tastes good. I did not add any tahini. Just a can of chick peas, crushed garlic, salt ,lemon juice and olive oil.

I have to now work on finishing my last assignment for this week. I feel like I studied a lot this weekend. Look in my old age, studying for even 2 hrs at a stretch is like studying a whole day!! So lay off me.

harr harr!


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