Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin days!

So far, it has been a good Saturday! John was on call and he did get called in to work. And I took that opportunity to finish up with my assignment. I finished one and I really should be studying but I guess I have plenty of time and I CAN relax a bit too. (that was a note to myself!).

Bath and Body works was having a special Fall event from 1-5 PM EST and we wanted to go to the mall today, for no particular reason really. So, you just had to buy any home fragrance – air-freshner, candles, oils to get a free gift. We decided to buy a wall-flower plugin. John is very picky. He smelled every single one of them and I  decided it would be much easier if he just picked one. So we got a ‘Pumpkin Cupcake’ plugin and we got their limited edition  ‘Pumpkin Carving’ candle free! I don’t even care for pumpkin that much. But the candle is burning right now and it is definitely smelling good. All pumpkin-ny ! Speaking of wall-flowers, I am kind of a new fan but ever since I decided to try one this summer, I have been loving them so much. The house always smells good. I want to get one of those cute owl or acorn ones and also a portable clip-on for our closet. May be next time!

I am not that hung up on my  husband being a part of every event of my life or taking interest in bath and house stuff but it does feel good when he does take an interest and share his input. I honestly think it does not matter for him either way. It is not like it is the Panthers or his Fantasy football leagues ,hehe! But my point is I feel very smug when I always write about how we just held hands and walked around, joined at the hip perpetually. Cause we don’t always and I am not very needy of that sort of attention from him or anyone for that matter. Why am I even talking about this? I just like to make things clear to an invisible audience to make sure we are on the same page I guess.

We went to an annual Greek festival at the State Fair-grounds and had a gyro and fries each. We last went to this festival 4 years back and frankly it was the same. Lots of food and people and singing and dancing. I mean I like cultural things but may be I also do not like going to the same kind of festival to express my love for culture. I do want to go to a Autumn Chinese festival next month with one of my favorite nurses ,who is from China , and who invited me to join her and her kids.

Now we are back home, relaxing and I am having some tea. This is my habitat. I feel comfortable here.

I thought I did a good job getting ready today. I curled my hair and teased it at the crown. I feel much more comfortable using my 1-1/2 inch curling iron. I tried a new way of applying concealer from MissGlamorazzi on youtube and it is actually a great idea! I wore a new teal hi-low sleeveless top I got from TJ Maxx a while back with my straight cut jeans. I feel  next time however I would not pair this top with this wash of denim cause it did not look that great together.

Btw, I just have to say this. I have fallen out of love with Loft- my one time favorite store. It is not sudden, I just did not have the heart to admit it. I am still in love with Target, Old Navy has some pretty shirts, American Eagle is a new favorite as well!

Off you guys go now!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin days!

    1. Thanks girl! It is funny I am not really wearing any lipstick or gloss, I just used the sugar lips balm in rose. It has a subtle color and the filter on the photo makes it look darker than it is!

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