back to the humdrum and mayhem

We attended a beautiful wedding ceremony of our friends at the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, one of the many islands comprising the Outerbanks. We had so much fun. Besides being there for our friends for their big day, it was a reunion of sorts as well. All our old friends from our Garner days were there and it was filled with a lot of love and camaraderie.

We left Wednesday evening around 6 with my sister and brother-in-law. I really like hanging out, just the four of us. Its funny how our conversations have an inclination to eventually steer towards funny drinking episodes or farty incidents ,hehe! We have fun, that’s all I gotta say. We got to the fabulous and super awesome beach house that the bride and groom had rented for the week around 9:30 in the night and after a round of hugs and introductions to new people jumped right into the life of the party. We did not over-do anything the first night and went back to our hotel rooms pretty early, considering it was ‘us’ guys!

The next day I got a better look at the beautiful view of the ocean from the house and how freaking awesome the place really was. Hot tub, heated pool, pool table, private beach access-seriously, we were all floored!

Beautiful view of the beach

The beach was super windy. I think it was windy to the point that it might have scarred me a bit. It might have helped me unravel a bit of my complicated hot and cold relationship with the ocean. More on that later.

We started getting ready for the wedding which was at 4pm that day. And bundled up in our car and reached the venue right about 4. While I love my nude Bandolino pumps, they hurt like a son of a bitch. My sister in law and me had to hold each other’s arms for support and limp along.

The ceremony started right at 4. The bride looked gorgeous. I knew I was going to cry through the ceremony right when I saw her. It was a short and sweet affair. They exchanged their vows, their rings, their ‘I do-s’, the groom even broke down a bit and so did most women watching and finally our friends were husband and wife 🙂

The reception was at this place about 10 minutes away. It was a small quaint little place and beautifully decorated. I was blown away when I learned that the t was the bride who had hand-made a lot of the decorations,all over the course of one year. It was a small guest list and it was a very pretty place. Dinner was great ! Shrimp and grits and gourmet macaroni and cheese- cannot get any more Southern than this!

And did I dance a lot or what? It took some convincing and some drinks to get me to the point of not caring about anyone anymore but when it arrived, it was there to stay!  I never got horribly drunk. I just had a good fun time with my friends. That was all that mattered that moment.

Now we are back home and just sore. Physically sore. All that dancing and the trip in general may be. I took a bath with salts and all to wash the grime off me but I still feel exhausted. I have a lot on my plate now, studying wise. I just finished a few assignments and I have to study up for a big test coming up on Tuesday.

The after-vacation blues are over-powering right now. I love being back home, don’t get me wrong. I love seeing my cat and dog. But its something. Its knowing that its back to the everyday ritual for a while now that makes it harder. And not that I hate this either. It is complicated. Or may be it is very simple.


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