look around you..

I am so over-powered by the beauty of nature right now. These days. Everything around me is just breath-takingly beautiful. A 5 pm random and unusual blog post from me, especially when I have just got back from work and am achy, has to speak a lot about how enthralled I am!


The leaves are beginning to change colors here, it is crisp and cool, the sun is warm and pleasant and sunshine has never felt so gentle and soothing. I feel cathartic every time I look out the window when am driving. I think to myself – there is so much beauty all around us, how can one be down for long? Knowing that there is a day like today makes me want to live. And live more passionately. Yet also be lazy and just stop and wonder.

I feel like I just need to start carrying a camera with me and stop at random little turns and lanes and take pictures. Today especially I feel happy. It has been cloudy mostly and it rained a bit in the late afternoon. And the roads are still wet but the sun is already out again, passing in between lonely stretches of grey clouds. And there are little rain-drops on the windshield and looking out at the distance all I can see is an assortment of red, gold and rust colors. Leaves strewn on the street, dry and crunchy.

This has got to be the best time of the year. October just does that to you. It is the right amount of warm and cold, it is crisp and I think if October had a taste it would definitely taste like the crunch of a delicious red apple. And smell like an apple orchard.

I could go on and on and you might think I am in sort of a trance. I gotta be honest. I love this about myself – that a beautiful day makes me happy and I want to harp on and on about it. I just wish I could write all that I think about all day in my head, cause that is really me, my absolute honest self and I feel like by the time the routine-ness of the day has over-whelmed me, I have lost my little pearls of wisdom.

the rising sun, on a cold cloudy day , at 7 in the morning!
Little hint of Fall as far as the eye can see

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