On a day like today..

It feels like I have not been here in forever. I don’t know if its entirely because I have been busy with school and exams and work or I have just not felt like writing. I guess we will never know.

Besides, the usual school and work stuff, other little events, significant and not so significant, have been happening also. I am still enchanted with how beautiful everything looks. I feel like a poet, a writer, a wanderer every time I look outside. Some trees have already lost their leaves and looking at those naked trees reminds me of what’s in store for us. The woolly worm also predicted a snowy winter for us this year. I just love this time of the year!

Yesterday we had our Halloween party and I was dressed up as a cat, well, a party cat. I was very impressed with my make-up and hair. I learned how to curl my hair with a straight iron in under 10 minutes and I feel empowered that I now learn a skill. I do not need to ask anybody to do my hair and I do not always need to wear my hair flat and dull. I want to practice a lot more so that it just becomes second nature. I also spent just $8 bucks on my costume. I had my sheer black shirt and black pants and shoes. I just bought a tail and a cat headband. The husband wanted to be Dexter but then changed his mind several times before ultimately being just a spirit.

It was a fun few hours. I have definitely noticed we are all growing old and growing out of the party days. People were just yawning and tired and we left around midnight which is like way past our bed time on a regular work week night. So, yeah, may be we are all winding down and I mean it is good. We are doing some other grown up like things.

This weekend has been cold and damp, not exactly raining though. It is because of Sandy which grazed past the NC coast but is supposedly going to hit NY, Boston and Washington hard. Hope it does not do much damage.

I went out today to the mall. I cannot say after a long time, may be after 2 weeks. Bath and body works was giving away free mini candles this weekend and I am a candle lover/hoarder. I love candles. You know I actually love ‘Autumn Day’ more than ‘Leaves’ which is such a favorite this time of the year. So, I got another medium ‘Autumn Day’ for half the regular price( their Fall sale was still going on!) and I got a mini ‘Black Pepper Bergamot’ free. I also got a portable scent in ‘Fresh Linen’ and stuck it in our closet. I am trying to see if those things actually do work. I also got a maroon high-waisted twill skirt from ‘Express’ for $14. I can wear it with tights and a simple shirt. Score, right?

Other highlight of our weekend was the husband finally carved a pumpkin for us and did such a badass job of it! Today we had Rudino’s grinders for lunch. It was eh! but we were mighty hungry and it was much appreciated.

Okay,gotta go study for yet another test. And here are some highlights of our life in pictures.

The badass job my husband did!
A beautiful Autumn evening and the row of houses, somehow my heart feels happy
The sun bathed in clouds and the stark silhouettes it creates

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