Sandy left us cold and lonely

So it has been damp and windy all weekend, with the winds picking up speed over the last 24 hours. All thanks to a something called Sandy. Well last heard, she made landfall in New Jersey and I hope people did listen to evacuation orders and were out of harm’s way!

We were out of harm’s way except for this biting cold and wind blowing in our faces. Today was the first time I remembered what winter is going to feel like.

And there is nothing better on such a frigid ,windy night than to be safely tucked in your own home, with everyone around , wearing your husband’s over-sized Panthers’ sweat shirt, feet covered in a nice throw and making delicious home-made potato soup for dinner!

I used this recipe from this here . It looked ridiculously good and simple to make so I decided why not! I feel great when a new recipe turns out just as promised and looks just as shown in the pictures.

We had the soup with some nice toasted bread and butter. Mmm mmm!

Yummy home-made potato soup! A winner in my book

Oh after several, several months Vincent decided to lay right next to me in bed last night. And he slept there all night! I felt very special, like I was the chosen one. Infact that special that I did not move in case I woke him up.

And don’t tell anyone, but this morning me ,Vincent and Otto all shared a little cold day nap on our bed ! yep, all of us on the same bed, all warm and cozy. Now how cute is this!


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