sunny and a skirt!

I decided to dress up a bit today. Just to go to Target and the grocery store. I do not get a chance to dress up for work and when I have some free time, I am studying hard so I am going to dress up if it even for walking the dog in the neighborhood. Right?

I wore this pretty burgundy fitted skirt from Express with a pair of black tights and paired it with one of my favorite t-shirts from Loft and even though it is not cold enough for a scarf today, I threw on my black infinity scarf from Loft as well!

And I got these black boots from HauteLook by the brand ‘Carrini’ back in August for $25!

I curled my hair a bit for a little volume and for some reason my hair texture does not hold curls as well as I would want but eh! I am okay with whatever for now. I kept my face make-up simple, stuck to neutrals and used my Revlon lip balm in ‘ Smitten’ for the pop of color.

I think I just need to mix and match pieces already in my closet instead of buying new things. Saves money and I feel good knowing I put in some effort in wearing an outfit.

Well, so this weekend I have decided to study hard, I kinda did badly in one of my lab quizzes and felt terrible about it. I needed that bad quiz to kind of stir things up a bit. I was getting cozy there for a while.

Work was pretty good this week. I was put on call for half of one of my days and when I got called in it was not as bad. I am trying to put together a Christmas package for my parents and trying to be good about sending it out early so it actually reaches them by then. We also need to get out house Thanksgiving ready. My in-laws will be coming down and I invited one of my good friends to come down from Pittsburgh as well. I am very much looking forward to spending some time with them!

Okay, well gotta get back to the books. For now. Hope to post something random soon!


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