nouveau love

A quick blog post to just tell you about one of new favorite purchases- Revlon Illuminance  Creme shadow quad in ‘Moonlit Jewels’.

I have to tell you, I had been wanting to try these creme shadows for a long,long time and I had just always talked myself out of it. But I had imposed a ban on buying make-up a while back and I started out with a small 2 week ban and it lasted well past it. So, I finally treated myself for keeping my word by getting this. I also found this at Target for $4 something this week. (which means if you can make it to Target today you might still find this same low price!).

I have lately been loving this cream shadow as a base idea. I have only one from elf. And when I finally tried it out and layered it with a similar shade on top of the cream shadow, it made the shadow so much vibrant and bolder that I felt like I should probably invest in a few cream shadows and see how it works. Since buying this quad though I have not had time to play with it. I do not wear much make-up to work. So I decided to just rub the golden champagne color on my lids and let me tell you , it is a beautiful color. It definitely made a difference. It lasted the whole day till I finally scrubbed it off with my make-up remover wipe.

Now, I did notice a tiny amount of creasing and for people with oily lids, this might be a problem. So definitely use some primer. I tried creating a look last night and here are a few pictures of the quad, the swatches and what I wore last night. We were supposed to go watch a movie but we both were tired ,so instead we went to the ABC store, got us some gin and rum, some Japanese take-out and came home made us drinks and watched ‘The Campaign’ ,which btw is unfortunately not that great!

Revlon Illuminance Creme eye-shadow quad in ‘Moonlit Jewels’ ,Target $4.94




5 thoughts on “nouveau love

  1. Oh wow! I hope they are not being discontinued in that case. That’s normally how these clearance things work. I hope not! Well, did you get the same shade or some others too? Need to see you wearing them 🙂

    1. That eye color palette is really gorgeous. I love it! And also thank you, I never thought I would hear this about my brows. hehe

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