cold and dark day stuff

It is so dark and cold and gloomy. I like such eerie weather but I also feel gloomy. You have probably heard me say this before and so hearing it again would not be that terrible. This is making my seasonal affective mood act up more.

I dont even know if I am feeling particularly blue now. Just wanted to say it is dark and cold outside. Yeah, pretty much.

I have been dealing with this mild but irritating head ache all day. I took an alleve but it isnt working today.

I woke up, had coffee, started working on my psychology paper. Got the rough draft down ,then went out to Target. I like visiting Target every now and then even if I don’t buy anything. It just makes me happy. And of course you cannot miss that the holidays are here. Christmas decorations are everywhere, pretty sequin dresses, holiday deals, black Friday stuff, tiny Santas and Rudolf things- sort of everywhere. In your face. And I love this time of the year. It comes just once a year. So, if you dislike it, please suck it up. hehe!

Last year I was working for Loft and for the first time I was on the other end of all the holiday frenzy and it sometimes got on my nerves. Plus, all the sotes just playing the same Christmas songs again and again and again and that did not help on those somedays. So, I am with over-worked and not so enthusiastic about the Holidays retailers. I hear you.

This year I am back to being a customer and hopefully not an annoying one. I have not started any Christmas shopping and I have been thinking about what to get for John but I have not started anything yet. We want to get us some good, real,adult like furniture.  That’s what I want. Oh I also want other things but I would like some good furniture too. I want to get our pets a bed each. They deserve the best you know!

I think I have forgotten my train of thought. I don’t even know what I want to talk or write about. I mean I have a lot of things in my mind but nothing seems that relevant right now.

Ugh, why is my head hurting?

I want to go Black Friday shopping but I also feel bad when I read about how early shops will be opening. I mean common, 8pm on Thanksgiving day!! How are those employees going to spend time with their families? I think this tradition is stupid. I would love a day like this when everyone slashes their prices and has mind-blowing deals but why could it not be two days after Thanksgiving? Or why could they not have a standard,decent time when all stores could open so that nobody is outdoing each other in notorious ways?

I feel like if I went I would be stomping all over their family time. I will see. If I feel okay about it, if I do not feel all tryptophan-ed and sleepy and lazy then I will think about it. All I really want is to go see what happens to get it out of my system.



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