Smokey Silver eyes , the first one

Okay, I have free time today. You can tell. Two posts in one night. Time to play with make-up, with the cat and fool around with the husband! I know.

Let’s cut to the chase. I have been trying to learn new techniques of make-up, just make everything look more and more put together and flawless and also been trying to get out of my comfort zones these days. I feel over-whelmed when I put on a dark eye-shadow thinking everyone will notice how awkward and uncomfortable I am feeling. Funny, right?

Well, in the confines of my bathroom, I feel comfortable to try out new looks.  I tried a smokey silver eye look today and used my black eye-liner all over my lid as a base. I then used a silvery-blue shadow on the inner one-third of my eye and a matte black shadow on the outer corner and blended it up to the crease. It is hard to get it I know and a tutorial would have helped perhaps.I did keep the rest of my face and lips simple and muted so that I did not look horrendous.

But all in all, I must admit I am impressed with my first major attempt. I feel like I could pull off this look. May be not at work, or at school. But in the confines of my bathroom, well, hell yeah! 😉

Some pictures coming up!






2 thoughts on “Smokey Silver eyes , the first one

  1. I love it! VERY impressive, love the silver and black. I suck at wearing eyeshadows. I have read every article I have found but nothing helps. I don’t know if my eyes or eyelids are weird but I can’t pull of anything. I keep buying gorgeous colors (they look so pretty in the pan) but terrible on me. Maybe I just have a sucky technique? Do you have a video or two you’d recommend that I could perhaps watch?

    1. Thanks a lot! I watch a lot of videos , really enjoy that actually hehe! Umm try out these beauty gurus on youtube, you might have to search for the videos in which they describe step by step methods. But when I find something good I will let you know! emilynoel83, xteeener. I will let you know more when I find some ,but search for simple smokey eye tutorials on youtube and you will be like in this whole new world! ha!

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