So what’s the next thing now..

And just like that Christmas is over.

And just like that all the hoopla about this holiday season, the family angle to this whole big marketing frenzy, this being a season of joy and giving has ALREADY given way to reduced merchandise, cute little decorations and rein-deers and Santas sitting in a sad little pile on the reduced merchandise section. Already!

It has just been a day. The retail industry is cruel and ruthless. Reminds you to hurry up and get going with your lives.

Okay, my thoughts on this fast-paced change of events should be clear. I would have liked a moment of mourning but it is okay. I need to move past this too. Because like everyone else at Target, I too had ulterior motives- of looking at those precisely reduced items and sift through the remnants of yet one more holiday season. But unlike others that I saw, I did halt incredulously at the swim-fucking-wear section.! Really, is no one going to stop with me and act a wee bit surprised?!?

It has just been a day!


Okay, we gotta get a movin’.

I had an okay Christmas. We went down to my in-laws last Friday morning and came back home only last evening. Lots of good food, wine, relaxation and pampering. Also, some family talk and time which can sometimes be very eye-opening. Really cannot delve too deep into this. Just know that I sometimes am a little too sensitive and people sometimes are a little too insensitive.

Well, anyway, one of my SIL and her family were visiting  and it was good to hang out with their little boy. I took lots of pictures of me, me plus the husband, of the husband acting silly, of other people, of the beautiful gloomy days and the rain. I take lots of pictures because I don’t have a whole lot of them from when I was growing up and so I do not care what others think of my tireless efforts at picture taking.

We both got a few gifts. My husband got me a CHI hair straightener. Eee! I am very excited about it. I tried it on my hair tonight but I was rushed and I did a half-assed job. I think the jury is still out on this one.

We got some Christmas money from my parents, John’s parents and grand-parents and intend to use it for the house. It is house money. We have already ordered us a new bed. Take that! Yes we have been sleeping on a big huge mattress for the last 2 years.

I did plan my outfits better this time. That’s what I thought so. There is quite a bit of Loft in these outfits from my days of working there. It is weird that now I am kinda over their clothes. I mean they have some good stuff, but they are a bit on the expensive side and sometimes very old-lady-ish.

Okay, really need to stop talking here.



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