Resolutions – the other kind

I have other resolutions for this year, like the ones you can see and quantify. In that sense.

Of course I want to become stronger, wiser blah blah. It is kind of pointless reiterating this.


I definitely ,definitely want to learn how to braid. Yes. It is kind of shameful, one might think, to admit that I am teetering on the verge of turning 30 and I do not know how to braid. Well, I cannot explain it but you know some girls are not blessed with all that goes into being a girl. The women around me while I was growing up did not always wear make-up, might be never. Just a lipstick and some kajal. They did not always co-ordinate their outfits, or make sure that one wrinkle was taken care of, or that one tiny stone in their necklace matched that tiny print on their shirt. No. Nada. I grew up in small-town India and the girls around me then were not fashion savvy. So, yes, I was not aware.  We have all moved on now though. I think we just needed to have examples around us. Not that being that way was wrong, but playing dress-up and make-up is not wrong either. Its a fun part of being a girl. I enjoy it.

The point is I want to push myself to go outside my comfort zone.

So, braiding.

Curling my hair.

Using hot rollers.

Basically,not wearing my hair the same old dull way every single day.

I want to get my hands on the UD Naked palette this year. Yes, I always says I will get a palette and I never do. But I want one.

I feel like I understand fashion a lot better now. Not Haute Couture fashion or Bottega Veneta fashion. Just everyday clean crisp, hep fashion. Like I put some thought into what am wearing and did not just pair bright yellow shirts with bright orange pants. I don’t know. Don’t quote me, may be that will be in fashion some day. Fashion is so wispy.

But I love my wardrobe so much more. I think I did well last year. I just need to get more style ideas and use all my pre-existing stuff rather than buying way too much and feeling horribly guilty about it. Of course, I spent a little on clothes and shoes last year than I have ever. I felt slightly ‘richer’, if I may be allowed that word.

I have toyed with the idea of doing videos. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen to be honest. I will however post more outfit pictures on my blog. Once a week sounds good what with school and work.

Speaking of school, the spring term starts tomorrow.! I am kind of not ready yet but got no choice. I have two classes and one of them is a tough one. I just hope there is something ,something in store for me at the end of all this.



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