all of my love..

So, finally whatever nastiness was going around here has caught up with me. Down with a bad throat infection and over-all body ache. Surprisingly I do not have any other complaints. No runny nose, no fever, nothing much. Just a really sore throat and body. I somehow managed to finish my shift yesterday and towards the end I just felt like death. I am glad I have these two days to rest and hopefully feel better. I have so much on my plate. Exams, important lectures, work, papers to write- I just cannot be sick for too long.

Although will it be weird if I confessed that I don’t mind falling sick occasionally. Nothing too bad or full-blown,just a little sprinkling of body aches and a stuffed up nose. Gives a little respite from being an adult and being in charge. Gives you an guiltless opportunity to lay in bed, read magazines, surround yourself with the pets and the husband and watch fun stuff on youtube.

Well, am doing all that since last evening. I stopped by Target on my way home from work and got some soup. I came home, cuddled the pets, changed outta my scrubs and changed into my pjs and had my soup in bed while watching my favorite kinda videos on youtube- make-up videos !! Then fell into a deep sleep till the husband got home.  Then this morning had to wake up and go for my dentist’s appointment  and we stopped by the mall on our way home because I had this coupon for a free candle and that means I have to score that candle, with or without the horrible throat infection related grumpiness.

And I did. I got ‘honeysuckle’ and got the ‘Caribbean Escape’ free.- the small size ones btw. Back home now, took some alleve for the body ache, feeling a general fatigue and ache. I took a nice long warm bath with salts and all and I have come up with a firm conclusion – There are very few things in life which a hot shower and a warm bath cannot fix.

Yeah, you can say it. I don’t mind.

Three things I wanted to mention which are not so random.

I used to have 4 little birds when I lived in India for those 10 months in 2009 and they were the center of my life then and gave me all the nice cute distractions while we struggled with stupid marriage paper-work stuff and separation. When everything got done successfully and I left home for another home, I took a good long look at them and knew it deep inside that I might not get to see them so soon and they might not live that long. And one by one all of my little birds but one have now left for bird heaven , the last one just past Sunday. I shed a few silent tears for those tiny little angels and thanked them for saving me.  I would like them to know they were very very loved and adored.

my little birdies forever
my little birdies forever

Our kitty Vincent was featured today in @rescuepetsofinstagram which is a group that features beautiful rescued and adopted pets to promote adopting pets rather than buying. They all need a loving house and they are doing their bit. My kitty is famous ,271 likes and counting  people!!!

And, small but significant. I completed a year at my job last week.

Yep, lots of satisfaction over that wonderful one year.


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