The never-ending cycle of life..

I am a little tired and bored. I do not feel like studying exactly, nor do I feel like doing anything in particular. I just feel like winding down already for tomorrow. I feel spoiled by my long,long weekends, this two day weekend seems like a joke now. Just need to make it through the next 2 days and I will be fine.

I am going to take a  social media break for a while. It feels a little too much, too many people, too much talking, too many stupid shared posts, too many hit likes to stop my father from smoking or to help my boyfriend get a STD!! . Yeah, I did see such a ridiculous thing one day. And some things bother me a little, I feel like my insecurities get the better of me and I start getting all bitter about it.

So, since I cannot control those actions, I am going to control not going on there for a while. Besides the reasons mentioned, it will be good to do other things. It will be good to not know all the unnecessary details for a while.

I have wanted to buy a cork board and hang it above our study table (which neither of us use for studying btw) and pin articles and pictures and people that inspire me or make me chuckle or are just too damn good to not have in your life. I am not one for corny inspirations, so may be nothing of that type. I also want to pin a huge calendar and count-down my way to finally applying to the nursing program. I cannot wait if you cannot already tell, to be in a program and be somewhere. Writing about this frequently will not help but it keeps me focused. So, I have been looking at pinterest and other craftsy places. I am not a very DIY person but this will be small project that I can hopefully under-take.

Speaking of DIY, my husband made these nice eclectic coasters using cork screws. I had my doubts I will tell ya ,after his last project, which am going to spare the details of. But I think they are really cool-looking.

Well, anyway, if any of you read my blogs you know I am not the most experimental when coming to nails. I just paint my nails and that’s it. And I also make a mess of it more often than not. But today I decided to try out a simple, very simple Valentine’s themed mani. I do not think it looks as good as the other experts’s work but still something to be happy about. You gotta start somewhere right?

finger-hearts and glitter
finger-hearts and glitter
 L to R - Loreal 'Violet Vixen' for hearts, Aldo lacquer in off white as a base coat, Milani's 'Fuchsia'  glitter on accent nail
L to R – Loreal ‘Violet Vixen’ for hearts, Aldo lacquer in off white as a base coat, Milani’s ‘Fuchsia’ glitter on accent nail

Well anyway, am going to go lay on the couch and just mentally gear up for the work week. It is such an unending cycle, this, all of this, isn’t it?



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