Crazy, Stupid, Love

Yesterday was super fun around here.

Long story short, I was ‘asked’ to not come in to work because the census was low. This is better cause it comes with no guilt. You pretend and go “Oh But I really ,really wanted to work!!” and we all know an unexpected day off is just too good to lie about. And my poor husband was feeling down. I guess I passed on my throat stuff to him, so he had to call out sick.


We both ended up staying at home, sleeping in, relaxing and having the whole day to do whatever the hell we wanted to. Of course, I had to finish a paper and study for my lab quiz in the evening. But hey, still, gotta give thanks for what I did get.

The only sucky thing about not going in to work yesterday was I would be missing the flowers that my dear thoughtful husband had arranged to be delivered to my work. But we chased those people around and finally, in a comic turn of events, they got delivered in the evening when I was in my lab, to my husband ! That is kinda funny. Getting your own gift, coming face to face with it.

Well,anyway, I wanted to show you guys some of my current loves. I am dying to do these kind of posts so frequently but something or the other always comes in the way.

Not a whole lot of stuff and not a whole lot of new stuff,which makes it even better.

Some of my current favorites
Some of my current favorites

The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (that is quite a mouthful !!) in ‘Honey’ is the only new thing I got from Rite-Aid this week cause Revlon is like 40% off and I had to, absolutely had to go check it out. I am already a huge fan of these balm stains. This one is just a very nude,light pink color. It does not show up on your lips as that, it just enhances my natural lip color and makes it even better. For me it is truly the MLBB stuff. I love it and love gazing at my precious loot.:)

swatch of 'honey'
swatch of ‘honey’

The next new thing that I am trying is the ‘Out The Door’ top coat. This is the first good top-coat I am trying that really does dry out quickly. Good thing to have in one’s stash.

The next is my Loreal True match compact powder. I have been using it for a long time now. I just think it is pretty darn good. Even on days I skip the foundation thing,which is often, this and concealer alone cover up the redness and spots and work good. I have been using my Bare Minerals small kabooki brush to apply it and buff it out. I like this better than using my ELF all-over powder brush cause it seems more precise and feels soft on my face.

The next thing I love, have been using since almost a year now is the CoverGirl  liquiline blast eye-pencil in black. It is rich and creamy, glides on easily on my lid, and water-line. I use it to tight line too. This is definitely something I would re-purchase.


The next thing I am excited about is a fashion thing. I always ogle at the forever21 website but I really do not own anything from that store except may be 1 item, which actually is one of my favorites. But going to that store over-whelms me and makes me feel old. So much disarray and so many young girls just all over the place while I am just standing non-aggressively by the corner thinking where to go. But we were there last weekend, and I just had to have this one polka-dotted shirt. Don’t question my needs. I just wanted it. I have not worn it yet but I plan on when we go for a good Valentine’s dinner this weekend.


Yay! It is the weekend and it is that special 4 day weekend. I just gots to get my groove on.Hee haw!



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