Can I has some lovin’ please!





My name is Vincent. I am a beautiful, furry,shiny cat. I am going to turn 2 soon. I have been my mommy’s pet and according to her, her ‘best friend’ ever since I came into her life on June 25th,2011. She picked me up from the Raleigh SPCA  and I must have done something really cute and special because I tell ya, there were a lot of kitties there, including my brother ‘twizzler’ too! My mom tells me I was the smallest and most curious little kitty and that’s why she picked me up. I beg to differ. I must have done something incredibly impressive. I am quite the guy you know!

Anyway, she tells me very often how I meowed all the way home. I was scared and nervous. She tells me she knew from that moment that I was a survivalist. I never give up. And I don’t in fact till I get what I want. Read food. Or tummy scratches and some heavy-duty petting.

So,anyway, I came home to this big dog Otto. I was initially a little scared of him, I will give you that! I hissed at him and looked at him with suspicion. Who was he? How dare he? But with time I came to realize he is a gentle,lovable old guy. He does not care for much other than being with my daddy and having his butt spanked. I don’t get what he loves about it but he goes crazy over it.That dog!

But you know what, we are fast friends. I do like his company. We enjoy sleeping when mommy and daddy are out. Some mornings mommy has captured us sleeping butt-to-butt.




Now, that has got to be embarrassing for two dudes.



You know, it is just too cold some nights and you know how it is when it too cold…<trailing off into something indecipherable >

Well, so the point is mommy loves me. She is kind of obsessed with me. She says she loves my little butt. Strange,right? She comes home from work and starts singing to both of us. Strange strange songs. They make no sense. Then she scoops me up and squeezes me and asks me to show her my teeth. This is weird but I sit through it because then she also gives me my food. Food, is of course, what we are working towards. Always. She spends a lot of time taking my pictures. Talking to me, singing to me, cuddling and kissing me. Right on the kisser ! Ugh, sometimes, when it gets too much I put my paws up. Lines need to be drawn. We have had our moments some days. She end sup with a few scratches. But really,nothing stops that woman.

there goes my poor head!
there goes my poor head!
A drawing of mine she did! hah! I am way more handsome and majestic
A drawing of mine she did! hah! I am way more handsome and majestic


Well, you know what, I do like her. Yeah,I do. She is a nice human. She takes good care of us and feeds us and loves us.

You guys, she gets extremely sad when she sees or reads anything about animal cruelty and has many times come this close to bringing home more cats. I have come this close to losing my kingly status,in other words. But she does feel sad when we are not taken care of , are neglected and not fed and all that. I don’t get it, who does that kinda stuff!

Look into our eyes, how can you do that to us!

look at us, such harmless ,gentle creatures
look at us, such harmless ,gentle creatures

Well, anyway, I hear today is Friday! Mommy and daddy will be home with us for the next couple of days. We get lots of treats and cuddles and attention. Man, I love my life. It is great to live a life so full of love and cat-nip.

And now I can has some delicious treats since I have finally written something about myself on her blog.





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