eighty days before I turn 30

I am turning the big 3 0 this May.

It is sort of a milestone of sorts. It feels like the close of one chapter and the beginning of another of my life.

I have definitely changed my perception of 30 over the last some years. In a good way. I am not as opposed.

But I would be lying to you if I did not admit that I am also very nervous. I feel over-whelmed. Under pressure. Grown-up. Coming to terms. Much much more.

Am I going to be now addressed as a woman. Like hey, look at that 30 year woman, as opposed to 30 year old girl?

What does turning 30 mean to me?

Have I done enough?

But before I turn it into a story reflecting my cynicism and hesitance at turning 30, let me also tell you in many ways I am enjoying being an adult, enjoying the gradual lack of grip trifle things have over me, enjoying slowing down (not that I was ever a wild child or I needed major slowing down) ,and most importantly enjoying this new, quieter and more mature me.

If I took stock of things, I might not be able to tell you the exact amounts in which I have grown, but I do feel like over the years the many experiences and events have humbled me and made me appreciative of whatever it is I have been given.

I read this exercise in someone else’s blog and I give that person credit, and I liked the idea. It is describing yourself using a few adjectives, if you had to define yourself. I would be




confused ( yes, articulate and confused!!)







How would you describe yourself?


I am going to write and focus a few blogs on this whole turning 30. To ease myself in. To prepare for this new journey.

Thank you for listening.



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