the galaxy on my nails- I think!

I have been getting sucked into the world of nail-polishes, glitter, nail-art, manis and all that like never before. Beautiful shimmery world of glitter, color and imagination.

So yesterday I tried my first ‘big’ project- galaxy nails. I have been loving missjenfabulous on youtube. I like that girl. She is girly and fun and all that I am not. You can follow her on youtube or read her blog  here  .

So this is her galaxy nails. So immaculate and perfect right!

galaxy nails by missjenfabulous
galaxy nails by missjenfabulous

and this is my interpretation of it.

And this is me! Pretty darn fine for the first time
And this is me! Pretty darn fine for the first time

I like it. I really do and am not bragging. I really am not. But here are a few reasons why I feel I did not achieve a 100% satisfaction with the results.

Firstly, her nail shape and nail bed and general nail conditions are so much better than mine. Plus ,one cannot ignore that little piece of skin sorely sticking out.

Secondly, I did not have all the colors she used. Not even talking about the same brand, just the colors. I tried using the ones that matched the ones she used closely.

Thirdly, I think the glitter I used China Glaze’s ‘techno’ is a very chunky glitter. She used a fine glitter by Essie and used ‘techno’ on top of the fine glitter and actually strategically placed the bigger glitter. I simply brushed my nails with techno and so it is missing that subtle effect.

All in all, I am happy!

It looks like I put in effort and used my imagination. Even if it was burrowed imagination. I will duly take credit for this nail-art.



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