the quiet sky..the gentle wind

Today is a warm,slightly windy and cloudy day here in my city.

Nice for a walk outside. So we did precisely that.

There is a trail in our neighborhood that leads up to a stream and a dam. A dam! Seriously, I never knew that. John found out about it on one of his long dog-walks. The kind that he later comes and brags about, about how more athletic and sporty he is. Well, we went out today and I wore my new chambray shirt from forever21 which was a gift from him. It is not really a going-on–a-walk-outfit but I had to wear it. I just had to.

It was really nice out. People were walking their dogs, cycling and some were even fishing. John did a great job of taking a bunch of my pictures. So, I have a ton of it for ya’ll. I say ya’ll a lot. I enjoy being southern. I am beginning to embrace sweet tea, the ‘bless-your-heart-isms’, the southern accent. Everything. I have never felt more at home in a place than I have here. I know. I never felt like I belonged to any particular place back home. This is more me.

Young, old, adventurous and laid-back.

I have some snapshots of our life and am going to let them speak for us.

A week that started on a bad personal note-something I do need to talk about and analyse,cause clearly I need to analyse everything, has turned into a happier,more fulfilling one. And I have the husband, the cat and the dog and my ‘my’ people to thank.

Kept my face make-up very plain and simple. Used mac studio finish concealer in NW30, Loreal’s true match powder, elf’s bronzer for warming up everything, a matte brown eyeshadow from clinique on my brows, nyx’s ‘desert rose’ blush, wet n wild’s ‘walking on eggshells’ palette, cover-girl’s clump-crusher mascara, loreal’s gel eyeliner, maybelline’s whisper lipstick in ‘a plum prospect’.

attempted a fish-tail mani, again, inspired by MissJenFabulous,but it did not quite work that way. waah waah!
attempted a fish-tail mani, again, inspired by MissJenFabulous,but it did not quite work that way. waah waah!

Although, I do like how this picture looks, minus the pinky of course.


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