My happy…

What a crappy day here today! Seriously, it is raining, it is windy, it is cold and it is gloomy. It sucks!

I woke up late again. I know, I love sleeping in, more so on such days. It just felt so so good laying there in our comfy bed, warm human bodies, little furry bodies by your side…aah!! heaven.

The husband has been on call this weekend, so he got a call to go in to work around 1 in the afternoon. I was just not in a mood to stay at home and be sullen and gloomy. So, I asked him to drop me off at the mall on his way to work. Seriously, that seemed like the only cheerful place to be at.

I had a gift card from forever21 and I thought might as well use it now instead of saving up for some future uncertain day. I bought a ultra-cute floral dress with a cute little cut-out at the back. All for $10! Seriously, it is so beautiful. And it is a nice comfortable material, so it will be nice to wear in the summer. If it ever gets to be warm here ever again, that is !!

And I got a pair of silk shorts. I will have to take some pictures. It is cute and chic.

I then wandered around the mall, looking here and there in different stores. I wandered around the MAC and Laura Mercier counters in Belk. A few things caught my eye but I have promised to be on a no make-up buy for atleast a while. I will not set a time-frame, it might be setting myself up for failure. But I seriously do not need anything right now. Besides, I am kinda wanting to try some high-end make-up so I want to save up for that. I have several things on my list.

MAC MSF powder, only,only when the current Loreal powder I am using runs out!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Benefit’s ‘Birthday Suit’ creaseless cream eyeshadow

Benefit’s ‘ Laugh with me LeeLee’ Crescent Row perfume

I want to collect a couple of Mac’s eye-shadows. I have realized, like I was talking in my last blog-post, that I only stick to safe neutral colors majorly- a nice gold, taupe, soft pink, bronze.

I don’t know what am rambling on about. My point is I want to stay away from spending on drugstore make-up for a bit since I am on this high-end kick now. Do not know how long this will last, it is just one of those phases.

It kind of defeats the purpose of talking about this wonderful documentary we watched yesterday ,’Happy’ and what makes us happy and it was just something that was very honest, about real people, and very moving without being overtly preachy. It talked about what makes us truly happy. Well, for one, studies have shown material possessions do not, our status and our income do not. And I feel I will be judged for not taking anything away from that wonderful movie after having named off a ton of material things I want.

But I get the point. Everyone craves a few things- our expectations sometimes determine our mood and temperament way too much. Having a few wants isn’t bad as long as that does not become all that we want or as long as they do not become more important than the people and relationships we have in our lives. I get it.

I felt like I connected a lot with this one guy they interviewed in the movie about what being happy was for him and this guy rides his boat in the swamps and backwaters of a river and gazes at these beautiful birds and wildlife amidst a golden sunset. And he says ‘This is my happy”.

Today feels like a day meant for staying under covers, watching youtube videos, dreaming away, having some red wine and pondering on life’s great questions. And this is MY happy !!


4 thoughts on “My happy…

    1. I had not been there until recently. Everyone keeps talking about it and it is pretty fabulous that way. You should check it out for sure !

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