Spring just might be here…finally!!

We have some beautiful weather on tap in my city for the next several days. About time I say!

John’s room mate from his Wilmington days got married yesterday in a rustic charming barn, away from the city and the crowd. It was a beautiful wedding. Very young, trendy and chic is how I can describe it best. I know the couple work for the film industry and have a very eclectic taste and it showed in the the venue they had chosen, the decor, the food and even in the clothes everyone wore. Although, John claims his friend Jim is anything but eclectic. He is the kind of funny guy who lights his farts on fire. Very very funny. Seriously, cannot have a dull moment with him. I think most of the decor and arrangement was the girl’s ideas. Nevertheless it was a beautiful ceremony, a gorgeous day for a wedding and just a good,fun time over-all. Both of us did not really know anyone other then the groom a few of his friends, so we kind of were nervous. Both of us are socially anxious and we had to take a quick swig of some rum, that John bought along in his classy flask, to calm our nerves down.

After the ceremony, we headed to the barn where they had the reception. It had this rustic appeal to it. They had done up the place so beautifully. Not too much of anything, just very gentle. Little flowers in small glass bottles hanging from the corners, a nice string of lights adorning the patio where they had some very tasty hors d’oeuvres. They had a corn-hole set and a few other games for guests to play while the newlyweds were busy taking pictures. Drinks galore and they were free! And a photo-booth with many funny props. We decided to get a few drinks in and loosen up before we went in the booth. I think every wedding should have a photo-booth. Seriously, I was just happy. It was a good happy time is all I can say.

fun in the photobooth!
fun in the photobooth!

I did not want to buy a new dress, so I wore one of my old ones. I did want to buy some new jewellery, something that was colorful and all. And I did not have time to go to the mall, so I stopped by Target Friday evening after work. Target has some really cute spring-y stuff but not a very big selection. After debating and deciding for a long time, I finally bought a pair of gold-pearl earrings and a gold and pearl necklace. But I eventually decided that both together looked very busy. It was going to be either the necklace or the earrings, and I went with just the earrings finally. I really like the earrings. Very classy and chic.

Dress- forever21, nude pumps - Macy by the brand bandalino, bag- American eagle outfitter
Dress- forever21, nude pumps – Macy by the brand bandalino, bag- American eagle outfitter

I also loved,loved my nail manicure. Nothing too complicated. Just China Glaze ‘ something sweet’ as a base and China Glaze ‘techno’ on top. I am so obsessed with nail-polishes these days generally and China Glaze polishes in particular. ‘something sweet’ is a beautiful baby pink, cream color. It reminds me of something demure and calm.


I decided to keep my face make-up simple. Well, I did more on my eyes than my everyday work or school makeup but still on the simpler side. I wanted my shocking coral lipstick to be the focus of the face. I used one of my favorites benefit’s ‘coralista’ blush after a long time. I had kept it away after last summer cause I think it is summer-time blush. Yesterday seemed a nice day to break it out again.  I think overall I was happy with my outfit and makeup.  My husband looked quite the handsome guy too. That guy surely cleans up well 🙂



one just needs to do the duck face sometimes. Not always.
one just needs to do the duck face sometimes. Not always.

Today we both feel a little sore and exhausted. I have so much on my plate- two big exams and a huge assignment, all due this week. I just feel very nervous right now. This blog was my little break from studying. Here is to hoping everything falls into place. With or without my help.



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