thank you….

Today is a milestones of sorts.

I turned in my application to the nursing program. It does not matter whether I get in or not in the first attempt, what is important is I am there. I will be considered from amongst a pool of applicants for the Spring 2014 program. For those of you who read my blog and have been subjected to all my ramblings and rants ever since I decided to go in this direction, you might understand how important this is to me. A process that started nearly 2 years back is finally going somewhere.

I attended my first nursing information session on a cold January day back in 2011. Then, overwhelmed by the huge amount of information and the number of years of my life that would be required in this process, I did absolutely nothing about it for the next several months. After the summer of 2011, I finally decided to register for the CNA program and become a CNA first. That was step one of the long,long list of requirements. So, I worked a mere 8 hrs a week at a retail store and went to class 2 days a week for about 3 months to complete the CNA program successfully. All through that I, we, had several financial problems and I still was unsure if this was the right career choice for me. I learned how to cook I think only because cooking and eating at home was the only option. I could only look at beautiful clothes at the store I worked at while eagerly helping customers pick beautiful expensive stuff. Spending $5 on a wrap was a big deal for me.

(I am not trying to earn anybody’s sympathy. While back then everything was tough, my point is we survived this and we survived together. It was a part of our journey).

Then after completing the class I immediately registered to take the state CNA licensure exam. I became a licensed CNA on the 30th of November 2011. I decided to not look for CNA jobs till the year ended and continue with my retail job for personal reasons. As planned, I started sending out applications on the very first day of 2012. I was immensely lucky because I immediately got called in for an interview at this hospital I had been dying to work for. I had my interview on the 12th of January 2012 and got the job a week after that. I started at my new job in the first week of February. Meanwhile, I also had to complete 9 pre-requisite classes to even apply to the nursing program. So, I went ‘back’ to school as a part-time student in Spring of 2012. I took it slow and easy this time around and took only 2 classes a semester.

I worked and went to school most of last year. I still had my occasional doubts if this was right for me. This was my second shot and I did not have age or money to squander this time.  I kept working nevertheless and somehow somewhere things started falling in place. The job was growing on me, it was making me reach out and break my inhibitions. I felt I was finally doing good at something. I felt proud of myself for the first time in years.

After 4 straight semesters of being in school, completing more than a year at a job I am enjoying, and finishing this Spring semester, I had one little hurdle before I could finally enjoy my first semester off school. I had a placement test this morning and while it was not as difficult as say, my Anatomy classes, I still had to make a certain percentage to pass. Believe me, nobody wants to repeat this frivolous test again having passed the bigger, more difficult ones.

So, that was this morning. I passed. Then I met with my nursing advisor and decided I have reached a point where I can go ahead and apply for the program. I still have two more pre-requisite classes left but I could get in based on my current standing as well. If I do, I will know of that decision by August or September this year.

This journey has come a long way and deserved a mention.

I feel like I have earned my own pride. I could not have done it without my husband, he has been my rock all through. Also, a big distraction but a good one hehe! And of course, our pets, our children. Oh the days I felt I was going insane by the pressures of adult life, and how they rescued us.

I do not believe in a God. But I believe I owe a huge thanks to whoever it is that has been looking out for us.


4 thoughts on “thank you….

  1. Damn straight you earned your pride! Girl, I am so very proud of you and want to encourage you on your journey! Kudos!

  2. Excellent job Anwesha! I wish you all the best in the nursing program 🙂 I can see you being compassionate, sensitive and perceptive – all great qualities in the profession.

    1. Aww thanks a lot Pooja. Coming from an equally perceptive person, I really treasure it. Hope you are doing good.!

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