Victoria’s secret…

Over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of body mists and sprays by Victoria’s Secret.!

I do not think I have ever said it out loud but I love, love the smell of that store. I want to be that magical, mysterious, sweet and seductive smell. It just reminds me of the quintessential American girl- long legs, tanned skin, blue eyes and an air of mystery. I am sure that is not the quintessential American girl or any girl. Just that in my head that is the image and feelings it evokes. I kinda feel lame for saying that, I do not want to be another girl. I am fine with who I am. But it is charming and tempting to sometimes think of the what ifs.

I will however let it be known that I do NOT like their bras. They are not meant for a big chested girl. I am a 32DD and once after a lot of difficulty I found one sad white bra amongst all the lacey and frilly little cupped ones, and it did not even fit me!! So, no bras from that place. But I do love their beauty stuff, their panties and other knick-knacks. I tend to visit them very, very occasionally and apparently, without my knowing I have now quite a lot of their sprays that I use a lot.

This is the stuff I have. And one more which I will show later since it is very much a Fall and colder wweather fragrance.

Quite the collection, haan!
Quite the collection, haan!

I am going to list my two least
favorites first and get them out of my way.

Of all these, the oldest one is the big ‘Heavenly Enchanted’ mist. I got it about 4 years back right before I was flying back to India. Then, I thought it was for good and I wanted to carry back a longer-lasting memory with me. I liked it a lot then. I use it very very rarely now though. It is a little strong. It was a limited edition Summer 2009 or maybe even an early Fall one. Either way, it is one of my least used ones and I might just pass it on to somebody.

The sexy little thing ”Noir Summer’ mist was top on my list when I bought it in the summer of 2011. I think I liked the perfume and since I thought it was a little too much at $50 something, I had decided to settle for the body-mist instead. I don’t know if it is me, but it smelled stronger than the perfume. It is not a bad perfume but it is not as used anymore.

The Pink body mist in ‘fresh & clean’ is one of my all-time favorites. I love how clean and crisp it smells. I like wearing that to work because it is so gentle on the senses.

The body-mist in ‘Love Spell’ is one of my recent favorites, even though I have had it for more than a year. I had once a free $10 off reward card and so I bought a bunch of travel-size mists. It is fruity and just perfect to spritz on after a shower. In my opinion, it is a summer-time fragrance.

I adore ‘Very Sexy Now’. I mentioned this in one of my monthly favorites. It is floral and sweet and perfect for spring going into summer.

I am crazy about ‘Love is Heavenly’ and Dream Angels ‘Kiss’. The ‘Kiss’ is my latest and was free!! I guess I had once signed up for their card, which I never use, but they still send me coupons since it is my birthday month. So, that was really neat. I love it so much.

I am bad at describing it but I smell myself everytime I wear it. Creepy?!?

This is the one mist I feel is meant more for the colder days.

'Amber Romance'
‘Amber Romance’

It is sugary, sensual and warm.

Okay, that is all! I am excited to explore this brand of beauty because they are cruelty-free. I was kinda surprised but in a good way. It is like finding out the Kardashians secretly spend all of their free time doing missionary work in a slum in Kolkata. I don’t know, just that it surprised me.Okay!

It has been a good weekend for us. Lots and lots of house-cleaning. One more day and then I get to see my dear parents on Tuesday.



2 thoughts on “Victoria’s secret…

    1. I have always found it odd that Pink is sold both at VS and BBW. I am sure a little bit of looking around on the internet will provide the answers, but I have never bothered. ! Do you like it?

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