some therapy at the mall..

Yesterday I decided to treat my sad self to some retail therapy. I had some birthday money and gift cards and the whole day and an emptier home to avoid, so it just worked out perfectly. I feel guilty for admitting that I had a good day by myself surrounded by flashy things, by beautiful smelling perfumes and by all the clothes and shoes and bags. It was superficial but a good hideout.

I first went to Victoria’s secret since they are having their semi-annual sale now. I really wanted to buy a Pink sweat pants. So, I found one that fit me wonderfully and then lingered a lot around all the discounted lotions and sprays and stuff but could not decide and did not want to subject myself to that torture anymore. So, I walked out gracefully after having bought just what I had wanted.

I peeked into Sephora and The Body Shop too but did not buy anything. Next I went to Express. That is a store that I have not been to enough but the very, very few times that I have and have actually tried something on, have not been disappointed. I tried on two dresses. They were (may be still are) having a 30% off the already discounted prices on dresses sale Friday. I was very happy with this dress and ended up buying it for just %14!

It looked navy to me and black to John. The jury is still out on that one.

Next I stopped at Aldo since I had wanted a new bag this year but nothing tugged at me too much and I decided a new bag has to wait for now.

Then I went to Lush. I really like that store. I hear about their products a lot from all these beauty gurus and they just pique my curiosity about their products so much more. I had tried a shampoo and conditioner from them last year and had been impressed. They are a vegan and cruelty-free company, so that was there. The only thing is they are a bit pricier. Anyway, I was just looking around and decided to try one of their shower jellies. The girl at the store even gave me a demonstration of how to use those things. I was sold. And the girl was good enough to even give me a generous sized sample of  the ‘Mask of Magna-minty’ since I asked her about it but was not sure if I wanted to buy it. That was really sweet of her. I even tried on the mask last night. I already have the Queen Helena ‘Mint-Julepe’ mask but I honestly felt the Lush one was slightly easier to apply. It did not have a very minty smell though. It actually might not have the most welcoming smell but may be that is the sign of a good product. We shall see.

IMG_20130615_102314Next I stopped at H&M. Now this is one store that just confuses me. I just don’t get it. If it were a person, it would be like this peson who is apparently very popular and well-liked but you just cannot seem to understand why. Their sizes have always been hit and miss. And I frankly don’t get their style sense. Nevermind.

I next stopped at American Eagle Outfitters. That store is one of my newer favorites. It has some very trendier but pricier stuff. So, I go for their sale section or when they are having a kick-ass sale. I found this bodycon dress in my size on the sale rack and wanted to try it out. I was not so sure but wanted to try it out just for the heck of it.  I was mighty impressed actually. It was not something I would normally picture myself wearing but I think I wanted to challenge myself. I was in that mood yesterday.




Also, it amplified my derriere. So..!

Then, I stopped by Forever21, the store I was looking forward to the most. I feel weird sometimes about it because I am 30 and I feel easily singled out. But you know, I think I am over-analyzing this.

I tried on this cool-ass romper. I had ordered one romper off Hautelook last year and just felt miserable in it. It did not flatter my body-type and made me feel utterly self-conscious. It is still laying in my closet waiting to be passed-on or just discarded. But this one, this one made me feel so cool. It did not accentuate my big chest and, and it made it look like I have a big butt. (which I don’t really and also big might be an over-statement).

It is black and has a floral print and some gold zipper detailing on the front and on the back. I felt like a teenager, young and cool. I guess so because this was kinda outside my comfort zone. I just did not picture myself wearing it after last year’s debacle. Plus, in general I tend to stick to cool comfortable clothing and nothing too risque.


So, all in all a pretty fulfilling day. Retail therapy might not be the cure but it does cheer up this good ole girl.





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