is this but a cycle of life…all of this?

I hope all of you know that bath and body works is having their semi-annual sale now! Cause these sales are the best time to stock up on your favorites or try new fragrances and lotions and of course get your hands on those candles.

Aaah..candles! I love them so.

Well, I forgot to mention but I paid them a little visit too during my mall therapy day. Did not buy as much as I thought because really I do not need a lot. But I had to try a few things.


So I just got these 4 things. michele1218 on youtube had mentioned about the ‘White Tea and Ginger’ line a while back as being one of her favorites from BBW and I like her recommendations. She does like a lot of high-end stuff but its okay,  I somehow feel if I could I would also buy some of the same stuff that she does. I tried the body mist and it smells exactly like tea and ginger. Its nice. I got whiffs of it every once in a while. I do think it is more of a cooler time fragrance.

The only other thing I absolutely wanted was the Honeysuckle candle cause it is just that fucking good. I still have the empty one from this spring which I have not discarded only so I can smell it every now and then. It is really a wonderful smell.

The rest are just new things I bought just cause I did need a new shower gel and we were gonna soon need a kitchen hand soap. So, that is it.

In other news, I am going to very soon finish reading ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’. I really have enjoyed reading it. I feel like if I had written a dairy, it would be like the main character Charlie. It is kinda eerie how some thought processes are very alike.

I had a summer goal to read atleast 2 books. I know it sounds sad- 2 books in the whole summer! But I am reading for pleasure after so long that I have lost my pace. I might just read ‘Catch-22’ next.

The few days after my parents go back home is disconcerting. I start thinking, okay here we go. The next things I look forward to are Fall, the turning of leaves, the various festivals and holidays, the cold gloomy days and I feel tired. Like , did we not just go through all that. I feel unprepared now. For the first time I think I want a longer summer so that it does not feel like we are all just going through the motions and rituals and that is all there is to this.

Hope everyone is making the most of the last day of the weekend.



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