on the first day of summer..

Today is the first day of summer! It makes me happy somehow. I think the many seasons and their associated activities make me very happy. This is a new thing. I do not think I understood or appreciated weather and all the stuff one can do in each type of season earlier.

So, today is my day off to rest up before I go back in for a mother of a shift tomorrow. I hate myself everytime I pick up an extra shift. To be honest, I do not pick up extra shifts that often really. But let me explain this to you. 3 days at a job like ours is very very tiring. All the running around and juggling multiple things at the same time really takes it out of you. So, I do not normally pick up shifts. But I kinda guilted myself into this one. My fault.

All I am gonna tell myself tomorrow is time and a half. Time and a half pay. It will be good to see a nice pay cheque. That is all.

Anyway, I slept in today. Also regret that but that is such a guilty pleasure. Had myself a nice cup of coffee. I like mine a bit weak. Just thought this was an important detail that everyone ought to know. Walked the dog. Had a nice shower. I love shower time. I like playing with all the toiletries and assortment of bath products in my bathroom. Makes me happy.

Then, decided to go out. Why not, right?  It is sunny and cool and there are little fluffy patches of sunny-day clouds. Not the kinds that can change suddenly into ominous notorious ones. I went to TJ Maxx just cause. I really did not want to buy anything but sometimes just trying on stuff makes my day.  I tried on a bunch of stuff. I never realized that TJ Maxx is such a cool place. They have some really trendy stuff. Not too expensive either.

Have really been on the look out for that perfect maxi dress. I think a good maxi dress is such a beautiful garment for summer. I liked this but even the xs hung loose and although I like racer-backs and low cut-outs, sometimes they are so low that no matter what your bra will show. Now, I do not mind a little bit peeking out but not half of it ! So, I had to unfortnately pass on this one.

Next, I have been looking for a nice comfortable muscle tee. I liked the shorts and tee combination a lot.

I really loved the tee. It has a tiger on it. Most of the muscle tees have stuff on them that I just cannot get myself to wearing. They are not appropriate for my age. Let’s just keep it at that. This was the only one that was neutral plus I love tigers , cats, animals. You get that!

I tried on some other stuff for this upcoming wedding. I think I will have to go back to TJ Maxx another day.

Then I stopped by Target cause it was next door and I felt obliged to after seeing the beautifully hypnotizing red circles. I had been wanting to try a tinted moisturizer.  I had heard about the Sonia Kashuk one from ‘AllThatFresh’ on youtube. Another girl whose style and recommendations I like. Plus, they are cruelty-free!

I immediately came home and tried it and OMG, I love it. It matches my current slightly darker skin-tone and it blends beautifully.I used my Real Techniques Expert Face brush and that brush does a damn fine job. So happy cause Sonia Kashuk stuff is not really drugstore priced and so I really was hoping it worked. I think it is still too early. This is just my first impression.

Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 in 'Honey'
Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 in ‘Honey’

Am going to go back to watching re-re-runs of Frasier, drinking my Yuengling and battling that occasional stray sad thought.

Happy First Day of Summer everyone!


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