June 2013 Favorites

For those of you who are keeping track, I skipped the month of May because I was busy with my parents and also because I did not think I had any favorite products that I felt like absolutely talking about.

This month I do have a small list of products I am enjoying. Some are still new and it might be too early to applaud them but I am enjoying them so far and if anything changes I will update you guys.

From L to R : Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer, Lush 'Mask of Magna-minty', NYX Megashine Lip gloss in 'beige' and NYX soft matte lip cream in 'antwerp'
From L to R : Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer, Lush ‘Mask of Magna-minty’, Carmex lip-balm, NYX Megashine Lip gloss in ‘beige’ and NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘antwerp’

I am really loving the Real Technique brush a lot. I use it to apply the SK moisturizer and it does a beautiful job of blending it in. Very easy to work with and the bristles are very soft. I think this was $8.99 at Ulta. I cannot remember right now. I think it is worth the price. I am going to buy a couple more from this line gradually.

The SK tinted moisturizer is a damn good product too. It matches my skintone currently. It just evens out my skin and provides a decent coverage to the redness. I do go over it with an under-eye concealer and set it with a powder. I like it for the summertime because it does not feel too heavy. I t can tend to be a little shiny after a long wear time, but it is not that noticeable or that big of a deal. I think the longest I would like it to last on me is 7-8 hrs while I am at work and I am very happy with this. I would definitely repurchase. It was around $13 at Target.

I am really enjoying this Lush masque. I had heard a lot about this. I got a very generous sample from the sales girl and I have already used that mini container thrice. It is very easy to use and apply all over my face. This is how its texture is like.



It does not have a very minty smell unlike the Queen Helene mint julep masque, which I also have used. I prefer the latter’s smell but I have felt that it is a little difficult to apply. I guess cause it comes out of a squeeze tube and it sounds gross but it looks like a green slippery turd. I know! But it is dirt cheap and a very well respected product in the drugstore circles. Both brands are cruelty-free too!

I honestly think I would rather buy Lush’s masque if I could since I do really like it. My skin feels soft and tight after I use it. I am really enjoying using it.

Would you believe I included a Carmex lip-balm in my favorites? Yes I did cause it is that great.  Move over eos and all the other expensive shit. I really did not feel or see any good coming out of eos. I don’t get the hype. Carmex is a quiet and inexpensive winner in my book. I had been having some terrible issues with my lips the past few months. I am not sure but I guess I had some ingrown hair issues ever since I started tweezing my upper lips. I had to stop completely cause my lips looked disgusting. I had to resort to cortizone and some homemade lip-scrub. They are a lot better now. I just use a scrub some days and follow it up with carmex and they feel tingly and good.

NYX is rapidly growing to be one of my favorite companies. They are inexpensive, make good quality stuff and are cruelty-free. Makes me respect such companies a lot.

I had to try out one of their popular Megashine glosses and ‘beige‘ was a big hit with everyone. I tell you, this looks nothing like beige but it is such a sweet color. It instantly adds shine and plumps up the lips when applied just on the center of the lower-lip. Not sticky, not runny,just a nice in between. Also, smells good. I have to go out and try more colors.

And, I have already used their new soft matte lip creams. The one in ‘Antwerp’ is my newest. Very pretty color- soft and pretty. I do not care about their staying power a lot, I don’t think they have a lot really. But I still like them and the way they glide on my lips. This is how its swatch looks like.



4 thoughts on “June 2013 Favorites

    1. I was looking for one too. I could not find one that was by a cruelty-free brand. I am sure there are, I just could not find one. So, I decided to buy face waxing strips. May be when I run out of these strips I will try a bleaching cream.

  1. Antwerp! I must possess the! :). Also, what are your homemade lip scrubs? I am having a horrible time with my lips right now and I do t get it! It’s summer, warm and humid, not dry and cold! Whatevs.

    1. I really do love the NYX soft matte creams. I think you should possess this as well 🙂 ! Oh nothing fancy, just the usual olive-oil, sugar & a little honey. I think I saw it on the smallthingsblog. I might be wrong. It was so frustrating when my lips were at their worst. It wasn’t just the lips that were chapped, even the skin around it. I couldn’t even smile. Thank god it is getting a lot better now.

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