we are beginning our descent into familiarity..

Everything is now settling back into a more or less stable and familiar pattern.

It is happening with my parents back in India and that makes me happy, relieved and less guilty. If you did not already know, I have a lot of guilt issues. Like, I feel I, I am responsible for something. While that may be far from the truth and I know it, it is advice much easier dispensed than practiced. I think I am getting better. Truly am. I am getting okay with adjusting to our life but I do have flare-ups every now and then and that is just how my life will be for the most. Not making any false promises here.

The weather prediction says that a summer pattern has settled in and we should expect some afternoon thunderstorms today. That made me happy and comfortable. Summer thunderstorms are sort of like a reminder that summer is proceeding how it should. And who doesn’t like these regular yet random quick-storms. Last year I used to work the night shift and the dreaded Friday night shift. I hated every bit of going into work at 6:30pm on a Friday night when the whole world was getting ready to unwind and relax. That sinking feeling, that emptiness and that reminder that “Hey honey! this is life, buckle up now!” is tied inextricably to the smell of freshly rained on earth, the dampness everywhere and the cooled down temperatures.

Knowing that I worked through 5 months of night shifts and living that feeling makes me appreciate what I have now. I work a great shift, come home in time to relax,cook, take a walk, and play with our pets. And also lately, savor the rumbles and thunders from inside our home. That is a precious feeling.

Yesterday was our third marriage anniversary. We went out to ‘Sitti‘ a lebanese restaurant downtown. We went there last year too for our anniversary and had loved it. I think it is one of our favorite places in the city. We ordered a bunch of small appetizers. I actually enjoy doing that cause I get full so easily and waste food and this way I get to try a variety. I had a cocktail ‘The Cobbler‘ which  was very fancy and pretentious looking and John had a pale-ale which was very bitter. But he liked it.


I wore my Loft ankle-length pants , which John refers to as the ‘crazy pants‘. But I have been wearing them so much lately. Fits perfectly and is stylish. I wore a sleeveless black shell and my $2 terrible quality ebay necklace. The necklace is a really cheap knock off of the House of Harlow necklace which is like $75!  I wore my beloved black snake-skin flats from Loft as well. I have not bought anything recently from Loft because I have fallen out of that intense love with them but I understand my choice of clothes speak otherwise. These are from last year.

I have been enjoying a more dramatic eye make-up these days. I used a black-ish cream base and applied a darker eggplant color all over the lid. I am going to experiment more with this sort of make-up.

Well, anyhoo, leaving you with some pictures. Today is my day off. Attempting the whole roti-making process again. Will bring me closer to my lovely ma.

Happy Hump day.




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