fly like an eagle..

Sorry for the random and abrupt two line post last night. It was such a downer. Just goes on to show I would avoid myself if I could sometimes because I could just kill someone’s happiness.

As sorry as I am for springing that on you, I am thankful that some of you showed concern and that was very sweet. I probably should channel that angry energy and do something else. I watched ‘Frasier’, read fashion blogs, got inspired, played with the kitty and then fell asleep. And I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. I did feel upset at that precise moment and writing is a therapy for me, so not sorry about writing that. Just that nobody likes to read posts by someone who is a perpetual cynic and negative nancy.

I am off today. On-call but have a feeling they might not need me. I hope I did not speak too soon though. I had my morning fixins- coffee, twitter, news, blogs, ‘Frasier’, texts and emails. Vacuumed, had a pet-sitter come for a consultation meeting and had a nice relaxing shower, tried on a bunch of my own clothes having found this new inspiration from her and then packed. We are going out of town for a couple of days this Friday. I am excited. Am I the only one who loves the journey more than the destination itself? Okay, of  course not! But I like passing by little cities and towns, looking at those random big houses in the middle of nowhere on a huge farm and wondering who the hell lives way out by themselves, and also wondering where is the nearest grocery store. I find the idea weird but also romantic. These people, they know, they just want to have peace and quiet rather than the city folk who are not sure whether they want to move to the country or live right in the middle of all the action. Atleast that way they sure know what they want. I love rural North Carolina. The accent, the southern charm, the simplicity- I just want to lap it all up. Although I have lived here for nearly 6 years now, I still do not feel I know nearly enough. I am hungry for more.

I have been so hooked to this blog. Boy I love this girl’s sense of style! I just love how she pairs things that I would never think of. I am so not fashionable that way. Like for me the biggest challenge is styling and accessorizing and taking a few risks. If I were asked what my style sense is I would really not know. I guess comfortable and chic. May be. I feel like I have a eye for good stuff, I just do not know how to pair them. My closet is still full of things that I bought without thinking about their use. So, I have like 10 useless shirts that I prided myself for buying dirt cheap. I think I am getting attracted to the idea of investing in a few quality things. Again, thanks to this blog, I am now browsing the jcrew factory website and feeling tempted.

But no! No,no! I will not spend on anything this month. I am going to make myself a list of few things I am badly coveting and buy them over the next few months. I will give myself some play room for slip-ups and all, but really, am going to prove that I can resist temptation.

So, I got these turquoise shorts with cut-0ffs from forever21. They were probably $12.80. I liked them and I felt mighty bold for going for these. I think they will last me a summer or two for this price.


I am also enjoying this Too-Faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer that I purchased from ebay a couple of weeks back. It was $7 for the travel-size one. I had been wanting to try a matte bronzer for a while now. I thought a travel–size one was a good size to try a new product. This bronzer is quite popular in the beauty circle. I will say it is not a whole lot darker than my current skin-tone. I was wanting to try contouring with it but I use it now all over my face just to warm up my complexion. May be when I get a tad lighter in the colder months the shade might work as a contour too. And, it really does smell like chocolate. (which am not sure I enjoy!)

too-faced matte chocolate soleil bronzer. The camera is not picking up the color and it also looks a tad darker and orangish than it really is.
too-faced matte chocolate soleil bronzer. The camera is not picking up the color and it also looks a tad darker and orangish than it really is.

I tried this summer golden-bronzey look last weekend. I really liked it. I am enjoying playing with make-up so much these days!


And here is a awww picture! Look at how his little face fits in my palm. And look at those whiskers and that chin..kootchiii koo ba ba boooo…



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