Oh..the things we all do…

After a weekend from hell and a week of simmering in being silently angry, hurt and bitter, I finally feel like I am emerging out of the shadows now. I would talk about it but I don’t know that it would benefit anyone. Even me. I wanted to write when I was feeling my worst, but it would just have been terrible. I might have written things that I could never take back. May be it is fine to allow this anger to pass without writing every single aggravating detail of it.

So, the best thing about my weekend was getting a freaking TATTOO!! Yes,! yes! I did it! I got my first tattoo yesterday at a tattoo party thrown by my work colleagues. It feels like a great achievement to me. I got the word ‘saudade’ on my back, between my shoulder blades. I am in love. I cannot see it but I know you can. (well, when am dressed right!). Also, I have already thought of my second tattoo but will wait for that for a bit.

You know, it was painful, of course! And I had abstained from drinking 24 hrs before the event since my husband did some research and put on his fatherly face and advised me not to. But the girls I work with, who are very good nurses by the by, said I was okay to have a drink. Or two. And that I was not going to bleed anymore. Well, actually, I was told I did not bleed that bad. The point is, I am not sure if it was just the pain of getting a tattoo numbing me after a while or the wine, I did not feel THAT awful. It hurt in places, like over the bone , but really not that bad. And the artist did a good job. He cleaned it up good and did exactly what I had in mind!

We had a good weekend otherwise too. Admitted, I was mad and upset for the most till I had that much, much needed outburst. But we did things we had promised we would. We went down to Kure beach on Saturday afternoon for just a couple of hours. We stopped to get a quick light lunch at ‘Pita Delight’ in Wilmington. John drove me around and showed me his old apartments and university buildings. It was a hot day, perfect for the beach. It was pretty over-crowded, something about most of the beaches in the area. I would not want to come to such a place for a vacation since large crowds make me very anxious. And it is not as fun. The water was warm and we got a little sun. I wish I was not that mad and upset because I could have taken some happy pictures. But deep down, I was unhappy and it would have all looked fake.

I think I had a good weekend. Its back to work from tomorrow. And the cycle continues.

Kure beach, Wilmington
Kure beach, Wilmington



2 thoughts on “Oh..the things we all do…

    1. Oh yes! I am surprised I did not chicken out cause believe me I was debating it. But am so glad I did it. It was my 30th birthday present to myself.

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