Sunday talk

I have been on a wine kick lately.

I think it is part genuine interest in exploring wine, part the ‘Frasier’ influence and also part the whole hoity-toity effect of being a wine lover.

We are starting off now with just grocery store wines. Barefoot, Reniti Lambrusco and the likes. But I do want to branch out and try different wines, understand pairings and try to ‘acquire’ a taste.

Also, one of the important reasons for this whole new wine-shwine phase is my decision to stay off beer. Yep! I think as much as I love beer, it does add to the gut and I just want to see if staying off of it for a while does make a difference.

I hate exercise. I will try this instead.

It has been a lazy, relaxed day at the Pautsch household today.  The husband is working on this new project- building a cat tree house. I feel like every year around this time he finds this new interest in ‘building’ something.  Okay, sorry, I really am happy to see him saw away and cut away stuff. I love him. He is a nice man, happy in his sweet simple world. I hope he finishes this and feels proud of himself.

I would love to see Vinny play on a cat condo that was built by the husband for sure!

I have not been able to break myself away from ‘Frasier’. Damn! what a show. I think this is my most favorite show. ‘Friends’ had long since taken a backseat. I just was not strong enough to admit it. It is ‘Friends’ afterall. While I cannot sit through an episode of the show anymore, I do still think the earlier seasons of ‘Friends’ are just classic 90s show awesomeness.


Have you guys been waiting for Fall?

I feel like unlike this year, I have not felt like I have been waiting for Fall so badly that I have forgotten to enjoy summer. This year for the first time I am also enjoying summer and also loving the wait for Fall. Fall is Fall after all.

Deep down I think I might be even resisting a new season because it just means going through the same rituals again and I just do not feel ready yet. Didn’t I just go through all of this like, yesterday?

Oh! it feels like that to me anyway.



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