Fall like..

It feels very cool and Fall like today. I have seen a lot of happy posts about it on my fb feed and on twitter. Everyone’s mood is affected by these season changes and that makes me feel good about humanity. I don’t think this good feeling about our race will last long but I guess there will always be these things that tie us together.

I woke up early today. As much as I like sleeping in, I also like waking up early on my off days. I feel like I have the whole day to do whatever I want, all the nothingness I have ever wanted instead of just half the day. It gives me an edge. So, I woke up and had my coffee fix. Actuallu had a decent breakfast – two slices of bread. Chatted with my mom. That’s right. My ma, the only person left in this world who does not know how to stay connected using the internet actually came online, of course with my dad’s kind assistance, and chatted with me to make sure I was doing alright. I guess I sent them a self-doubt kinda mail the other day. I go through these phases. Old news, right?

Took the dog out for a walk. Then decided to go out to the mall. That has become a bad habit. I just feel good to go there and roam around. The pretty things help me blend in and help me stay optimistic. Well, whatever! I did have to stock up on some wallflowers from bath and body works. So, I did just that. Took a look at some new Fall stuff to get inspirations.

Picked up a bottle of wine and came home. My monthly friend is visiting and I figured some wine would do me good. Oh! forget it, I like wine. I don’t need no reason.

Now am back home. DInner is in the crockpot. Nothing serious, just my own concoction. Hopefully it turns out as tasty as it sounds when described. Chicken and bacon with cream of chicken soup, sour cream and some herbs cooking away in the crockpot to be served with wild rice and some white bean salad. I take my cooking seriously guys!

I feel sad that my summer vacation is coming to an end. When I was standing at the beginning of that long summer vacation three months back, I was so excited and I had so much planned. I think I had a great summer. The parents visiting us, our trip to Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, our trip to Michigan to see my cousin and all the fun we squeezed in in between. I feel full. I should not be sad to see it go. But I guess the semester will just bring with it constant exams, stress, the juggling act. I think its just anticipation.

I think Fall, the turning of leaves and the various festivities are some of the things am looking forward to. And of course, waiting on that letter from school. I hope, I hope I make it.


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