a beautiful mind..

I smelled a cigarette today -up close, after a long time. And it smelled strong and good. Cozy.

I was reminded of the times I would go to smoke out on the porch of our old Garner apartment in the cold dark night. It was comforting and immediately relieving.

But I am clean now. I just picture that comfortable feeling in my head and that is all.

But let me tell you, it was good while it lasted. I was young, not a care in this world, and I loved with all my heart.

Now, am just practical and unromantic and not as happy.

I think the more you ‘learn’ to live, the less you live with all your being.

You just survive in this wilderness. You don’t really live.

And friends, that is why, this beautiful place in my mind is one where I choose to be. It is romantic, impractical, unconditional and honest.


4 thoughts on “a beautiful mind..

  1. Hey!

    I saw your fashion blog today, its fabulous! You and Chinky have inspired me to take fashion very seriously 😀 I wanted to know something, I saw you have a tattoo, I want to get one too, so tell me in very clear terms, how painful is it? I dont have a high threshold for pain, so :/


    1. Hey gorgeous, go for it. Thank you for your sweet words btw 🙂 I think I have only now graduated to a ‘girl’ and all things girly. It is fun you know! And I feel like I know nothing, there are some incredibly talented people out there. You guys included. Oh and the tattoo will hurt a bit, won’t lie. But I mean, you are going to feel so badass about it. I say do it!

  2. Haha, but I am not fashionable at all! I wear shorts and/or jeans and t-shirts, like, all the time. I will admit though, Anwesha is inspiring me to take the plunge and take my clothes a little more seriously. Half the time we’re going out, Mr. Sachinky is, like, why are you dressed like a hobo? :/

    1. Hey girl, if this frumpy duckling can consider starting a fashion blog, you can for sure! I know you have your very distinct Sachinky style. Just do it. It is all about learning and inspiring, right?

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